Welcome to

World Healing Foundation

Founders – Matthew Lennon & Grace Weston

Our Motto - “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

We believe that food, shelter and clothing are everyone’s basic rights, we also believe there is an abundance of food, shelter, and clothing to satisfy everyone’s needs. Greed causes imbalance: wealth and poverty are the extremes. To share one’s wealth with those in need, does make one a better person mentally and spiritually. Millions won’t buy you health or happiness but sharing those millions will perhaps make you a more spiritual person because the more you share and help others, the more you help yourself.

We cannot bring a single cent with us into this world and we cannot take a single cent with us when we leave for the spirit world but the good that we do in helping others will prove our worth in the next life.

World Healing Foundation is based on 4 pillars


We aim to provide Food, Shelter, Clothing and Healing for those in need worldwide. The monies donated to World Healing Foundation will go to those in need. We will liaise, seek advice from local authorities local communities on the best methods to maximise the efficiency of distribution.

World Healing Foundation is not & will not be affiliated to any organisation / charity or otherwise, we have no political agenda. The foundation is fully transparent. The focus of World Healing Foundation is to improve the lives of others worldwide. We kindly ask you to support World Healing Foundation. Your donation will help ease the burden of so many in this troubled world of ours.,

The meaning of our logo

The symbol of Matthew’s hands Signifies; “the laying of hands” as you are familiar with from Biblical times and dating back to pre-history.

The Healing / vibrations to Matthew’s hands are interdimensional & from The God Source, transformed through an extremely complicated vibrational system that cannot be calculated in a 3-dimensional world – carrying millions and trillions of different vibrations, has infinite power & extension without limitation. 

The symbol of the candle represents the physical body. The symbol of the flame represents the life force / the spirit of the body. The aura / light is the emanations from its life force. Matthew’s hands are instrumental in conducting the Healing energy from the Divine Source & is feeding the flame, the flame of life.

The more people that tune into the light with purity & spirituality of mind & body will feed the flame. Pure thoughts will lead us to freedom from enslavement, dis-ease & help us to escape from the bonds of this troubled world.

Your positive thoughts & beliefs will also contribute to feeding the flame. Negativity will keep you locked in darkness & resonating at a frequency that is incompatible with your spiritual journey.