The symbol of Matthew’s hands 

Signifies; “the laying of hands” as you are familiar with from
Biblical times and dating back to pre-history.

The Healing / vibrations to Matthew’s hands are interdimensional &
from The God Source, transformed through an extremely
complicated vibrational system that cannot be calculated in a
3-dimensional world – carrying millions and trillions of different
vibrations, has infinite power & extension without limitation. 

The symbol of the candle represents the physical body.

The symbol of the flame represents the life force / the spirit of the body.
The aura / light is the emanations from its life force. Matthew’s hands are instrumental in conducting the Healing energy from the Divine Source & is f
eeding the flame, the flame of life.

The more people that tune into the light with purity & spirituality
of mind & body will feed the flame. Pure thoughts will lead us to
freedom from enslavement, dis-ease & help us to escape from
the bonds of this troubled world.

Your positive thoughts & beliefs will also contribute to feeding
the flame.

Negativity will keep you locked in darkness & resonating at a
frequency that is incompatible with your spiritual journey.