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Hi Grace, I just want to say a Huge thank you to you and Matthew for all the healing you have done with xxx. Went up to visit him today and they had him sitting out of bed for the first time. He was so alert and trying to communicate with us through thumbs up, pointing at things and facial e...

xpressions. He’s still in a lot of pain with his legs but wonderful to see such an improvement. I haven’t forgot about putting a few words together I’ll get around to that too.

Ellen K
Hi, just an update on xxx. The swelling is gone down in the brain. He squeezed his wife’s hand today. He is now moving his left arm and leg and only slightly with his right arm and leg. Drs gave no hope as they said he had severe brain damage.
Annoyomous Client
I had a damaged ruptured spleen 9 weeks ago and I had a video call twice with Matthew and so far so good, I am doing brilliant and my bleed has stopped. Will continue with a few more healings. Matthew has taken my bad headaches away, really find this man unbelievable. Thank you again Matthew and Gra...


Anonymous Client
Words can’t describe how grateful we are to Matt & Gracie. Our 5 year old shane who was 4 at the time was hit by a car back in August last year. He had a severe brain injury, broken collar bone, broken 1st & 2nd rib, broken tibia and a lacerated spleen. He was rushed to temple street where...

he was kept medically induced coma for a week and a half. During this time I spoke to Matt & he would heal shane over video chat while in the ICU. We had no idea how shane would be once he woke up due to the bleed and the possibility of swelling but Matt gave me so much hope. Shane woke up slowly and with a bit of time and with Matts help he began to start acting like himself. Shanes fracture in his leg wasn’t healing and we thought he might need to have an operation but matt said he would work on it and a week later the x ray showed the leg was finally healing properly. An early CT had shown pockets of fluid in Shanes brain and Matt worked on these and told me not to worry. Shanes recent CT has shown the fluid is completely gone. I remember begging Matt to bring my Baby boy back to me and he said he would do everything he could, now 8 months on and shane is back to his same old self. Shane was left with a tremor in his R arm and blind in his L eye but without matt I know it could have been so much worse. We still speak with Matt & Gracie and shane is improving so much every day. We are so blessed and it really is a miracle. I will never be able to thank Matt enough, for healing shane and giving me the strength to stay strong for Shane in the worse time of our lives.

Nicola Kelly
The only injury that they are worried about is the head. All they have said is that he had a few bleeds in his head and that fracture from the front to the back on the left side when we first got here. they said they don't know what damage was done   until Shane wakes up and we can see how he is. ...

They have just been trying to keep down swelling by keeping him asleep and all the scans so far have suggested that they have done this..His numbers are all good today and he is calm and relaxed all day .. so it is not until they wake him that we will know the effect of the injury to the brain.

They haven’t done another scan since Wednesday, but all his numbers would suggest that it has. Looking at his the outside swelling, it has really gone down .. I feel like he is definitely doing better. Yes they are waking him today now .. they are really happy that nothing g they had expected t...

o happen. When would be a good time for him do you think?

I brought my now 13-year-old to see Matthew in January 2020 as he had been suffering from migraines for a few years. He has not had one in nearly 19 months now and fingers crossed he won't get one again. My parents and brother have also attended Matthew for healing. My uncle was paralysed after a fa...

lling off a ladder nearly 10 years ago and told he would never walk again. He has attended Matthew several times at open days and can walk a little bit with help. You can check this out under videos. Thank you, Matthew and Gracie,

Pauline Kearns
I visited Matthew a few years back after quite a bad accident I was in, and he helped me both physically and mentally after a few visits I could really feel a massive difference in how I felt. I thank you ever so much Matt and your team I would highly recommend you ????
Alan Goff


I brought my dad to see Matthew on a Sunday and on the Wednesday things changed for the best, we were told that he had dementia and when Matthew seen him on the Sunday things changed by the Wednesday and we haven’t looked back, Dad is back to doing anything a normal person does. I’m honestly tot...

ally amazed, I also had mentioned two peoples name to him one evening who were waiting on a transplant each and Matthew told me that they should see a change from that night, they two people got there transplant the next morning. It was one of those moments that made the hairs stand on my arms, I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how he does what he does but Matthew certainly does have healing hands. I would definitely recommend Matthew with anything big or small. He is definitely amazing.

Alma Clarke Rooney
Hi, he is well improved, leg is great, bloods are clear, and a brain scan was clear, his mood and memory has rewound back about 5 years ago, very happy talking to him over the phone…thank you so much, the difference is amazing.
Anonymous Client
Took my mother and father to Matthew Lennon today in Clanree Hotel in Letterkenny. Words cannot express my gratitude to this man. My father went in with no hearing in one ear and 40% hearing in the other ear. He came out with his hearing aid in his pocket leaving. The care and attention he gave to m...

y mother was second to none. She suffers with Alzheimer’s. He was so gentle and patient with her. Highly recommend this man and his assistant they were so good to us today.

Cait Kerins

Amputation, No Longer Needed

Matthew you did it. You did it. They only had to clean her toes out. No amputation at all, thank you so much, il never be able to thank you enough for what you do. They were dam sure they were amputating the leg. Oh god thank you so so much.
Anonymous Client
My brother was booked for a full leg amputation as the medics could do no more. Prior to the operation, we contacted Matthew & Grace to organise healing treatment & low & behold his leg was saved & he just needed stints. We can’t thank Matthew and Grace enough for saving my brother...

’s leg. God bless you both.

Anonymous Client
My Mam was due to have her foot amputated as the medics couldn’t get the infection under control no matter what antibiotic they used. We contacted Matthew and Gracie and the infection cleared up and my mams foot was saved. We will be forever grateful.
Anonymous Client


I’m very grateful to Matthew and Gracie. I first contacted them because my grandfather had pain after surgery. He also had problems raising his arms after a bad fall and with his throat. The sessions were online and I was translating for him because we’re in Chile and my grandfather only...

speaks Spanish. I could see that Matthew’s healing was been effective, easing the pain and helping improve his arm’s movement range. I contacted him again later on because I was the one needing help this time. When my cat went missing, I was very upset, got sick and also very tired. I wasn’t sleeping either, but after the sessions with Matthew I had some peace and could sleep. He also offered to send Healing to my cat, so that he could find his way back to me. He had never been outside and it took two months but he is finally back. There are several factors and actions that helped, but I think Matthew’s help and support made a big difference and I am very grateful to him and Gracie. They’re very caring, kind people and I would highly recommend them.

Amalia, Chile
Initial Enquiry: Meet Angelena her owner helps me out, she is an 8 year old lady when she trots, she limps on her rear right leg, seems like the problem is high in the leg. Vets have looked but can't say what's wrong. owner was on about something that sounded like a stiffle joint. Can Matthew help?...

Update After Healing Treatment: An update on Angelina the horse, I got a call from her owner this morning & it’s the first time in years she was able to trot without a limp not a trace of a limp. As always an amazing man thanks to ye both.

Pat H
My 5 year old cat Boo was extremely sick with an infection and very high temperature. When she was at the vet, they had no idea what was wrong with her. They found a massive bowel blockage and put her on fluids for 24 hours. They admitted that they were deeply concerned about her. Matthew sent her a...

bsent healing and she turned around so fast. She’s now acting younger than she has in a very long time. She’s full of energy again. I’m deeply grateful for Matthew. What a gift he has.

Sharon Keegan
Hi Grace, we haven't seen this in a long-time best buds. I couldn't believe it. The vet had given up hope for him.  This calf couldn’t walk with joint ill (swollen joints) & the vet gave him no hope…
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew and Grace, thank you both for your wonderful work. Since we spoke yesterday, I can feel joy, peace, self-love and kindness and excitement for life again. Even my cat is purring more cause of the difference* Guys I highly recommend contacting Matthew and Grace they are truly gifted and can...

help with minor to major issues, with a friendly and comfortable chat live on the mobile which is possible in these restraining times. Don't let distance be a problem, Greetings from Germany

Susan Culliney
Two and a half years ago my cocker spaniel had a mass cell cancerous tumour. After been given very little hope from the vet and after 2 surgeries, I took her to Matthew in hopes that he could help her with his healing power. The vet was amazed with the results of a second biopsy which came back clea...

r. I really feel Matthew cured her as it didn't return. Currently she has been diagnosed with a serious blood disorder and not responding to treatment as the vet would have hoped for. I have turned to Matthew with great hope pg. It's a great gift to have and 1 1 m very grateful to him for his help as my dog is a big part of our family. So if you have a dog with health issues, I would highly recommend Matthew and Grace. God bless.

Maureen Lawless
Dear Matthew, Jack is much better blessed by your healing thank you. He likes his new food from the table as well so happy for him. Jack had been on a food for allergies as he was scratching himself all the time and had runny eyes, this scratching has come back a small bit and his eyes have a bit of...

discharge but nothing like what he had before Matthew. I believe you continue to heal my dog Jack and I pray his allergies will heal as well so he will be fully healthy and happy again. Bless you Matthew for all your wonderful healing.

Patricia and Jack
Hi Matthew, I have a dog with a serious blood disorder. I took her to you 2 and a half years ago, when she had a cancerous tumour, and she made a full recovery thanks to your healing.
Anonymous Client
It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Matthew for his healing power. I would like to share my story about the excellent healing Matthew has. I had a pony that received a serious injury where she required 50 stitches and was very slow to heal. I contacted Matthew and within a few weeks the wound ha...

d healed and no evidence of any scarring left. I have since sold pony and she is now competing in her new home in the UK. And also thank you Matthew for healing my pony Dandy who for years has suffered with laminitis, in where on several occasions prior to Matthews healing I was told by the vet to put the pony down. Dandy is now back to his former self and as not required a vet or painkillers since. If you need help for healing, please contact Gracie who is always so helpful and understanding on the phone. Thank you, Matthew and Gracie.

Margaret Finan
That was great thanks again for all you have done for us and all the cats. The work you do with animals is amazing. What I have seen you do for some of the cats I care for, I thank God for each time I see them out of what is now a very large gathering of 5 groups of cats that live a free life. Both ...

cats now have their sight back and can now see me because of the great work you have done. Thanks isn’t enough.

I would like to recommend Matthew as he has healed my cow's foot. She is back out in the field with her calf. I had the vet out, but it was when i contacted Matthew that she got better. He is truly a Holy man, and I am most thankful to him.
Patricia Quinn
Matthew is gifted with people and animals. He helped my dog who needed an operation. She made a tremendous recovery. Thank you.
Fiona Ni Fhiannaidhe


Hi Grace & Matthew, I’m doing good, the constant pain has gone, I am so delighted. The hardest part was resting up for 3 days, I didn’t walk too much, but now the pain has gone, movement is much easier and will improve as time moves on. Thank you so much for all your help, can’t th...

ank you enough.  

Deb Ireland
Hi Gracie & Matthew, I had a fall on the 17th April. Fractured my right hand and broke a bone in my left wrist. Chipped my left ankle. Had a healing from Matthew…amazing… I was in a cast & told I would probably need surgery. Back to hospital yesterday, no surgery needed & told the movement in my...

hands is very good in such a short time & walking well. Thank you very much.

Jean Skehan
I would highly recommend Matthew Lennon. I had an accident in work a couple of months ago, fractured my ankle & tore all my ligaments. I was sent home from A&E wearing a boot. I went to see Matthew and the following day; the pain was completely gone. I took the boot off and could walk without a prob...

lem. I was back working the following day. Thank you for all your help as the medics told me I would be out of action for months.



We would highly recommend Matthew and Grace. They worked with our daughter over several weeks and they helped her on the road to recovery from her eating disorder. She has a long road to full recovery but got the best possible start with Matthew and Grace.
Deirdre Donegan
Our 16-year-old daughter developed Anorexia Nervosa over the last year since lockdowns and COVID happened. She deteriorated rapidly after Christmas this year and was hospitalised for 7 years. Matthew and Grace started working with her after 5 weeks of hospitalisation when we were waiting for an inpa...

tient bed to become available in an eating disorder unit. She responded immediately to treatment. The voice in her head became more distant and less tormenting and she began to try different food like meat that she had not eaten in months. After 2 weeks of treatment we were able to take her home and attend the eating disorder unit as an outpatient. Matthew has continued to work with her, and we are now 4 weeks home and she continues to make good progress. She has now been taken off the waiting list for an inpatient bed. She does continue to have bad days, but we are beginning to see our old daughter back at times. We know she has a long road ahead but know it would be longer without Matthew and Graces help.

Anonymous Client


Suffering with very bad anxiety the last few days, last night and this morning listened to Matthew and I’m feeling a lot better today. Thank you.
Anonymous Client
Hi Grace and Matthew. Thank you so much for your video healing on the 1st August, I have a new boy with almost no separation anxiety.. and going to school no problem which I was worried about. Keep up your good work and thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew and Grace, just a little update on xxx I know it’s only two days but the difference in him is huge. Today we were able to go out to the cinema where is was so calm and relaxed hardly any anxiety. He was so much more present. Laughing and joking with myself and his Dad. Thank you so much...

for your continue help to myself and are truly grateful. Xxx

Kerry McAllen
I would like to recommend Matthew for a healing treatment. I had an online appointment today and I found it so calming and relaxing. The communication by WhatsApp was so easy and crystal clear. It felt like Matthew was sitting in the same room as me. I have been feeling so good, calm and relaxed sin...

ce I spoke with Matthew.

Yvonne Kearney
Hi guys, just a quick update on my daughter. Her fears have faded so much, she has been around animals a lot and enjoyed it no crying or being scared. she also went for a cycle with her daddy on the back of his bike yesterday which she hasn’t done in over a year because of being scared. We are thr...

illed with her improvements and can’t thank you enough.

Anonymous Client
I highly recommend Matthew and Gracie. They worked with my 3 year old daughter and helped with anxiety and fear in so many ways, even after one treatment. I can’t thank them enough.
Niamh Brennan
Hi Gracie and Matthew. Just want to say I’ve seen an improvement in my mum, her bowels are much better. She wants to book again at the end of the month. I will text then. She worries about herself, and the sessions have helped her so much.
Anonymous Client
I was with ye before I found Matthew very good. I met ye in Offaly & I suffered with bad depression. I haven't had a relapse in a few years get anxiety every so often.
Anonymous Client
So grateful to Matthew and Grace for all help recently received following a scare with 2 lumps (1 in the lymph node under my arm & 1 lump in my breast) I also suffered with anxiety caused by the discovery of the lumps. Following ¾ sessions with Matthew, I returned to the medics for tests and my...

scans are now all clear, no lumps. Highly recommended.

Anonymous Client
Just about to finish up my work with Mathew. The difference I feel just over the last few weeks has been amazing. After trying countless ways to heal who knew it could be done holistically? And he has really positive energy. Could not recommend him enough!
Megan Harris
Thank you, Matthew, I received a treatment, and feel a lot better. It was a lovely experience, I would recommend, for me it was an emotional healing. Again thank you.
Nora Shanahan
Good morning, Matthew & Grace, A quick update since we spoke last. Although I’ m going through a stressful year end with college exams right now. I feel I am so so much calmer, relaxed and in a better frame of mind too. Take care and Thank you Xx
Anonymous Client
I have been having healing with Matthew for myself & my son. I was suffering badly with kidney infection which I couldn’t shift, Matthew’s healing has completely cleared this. I also suffer with really terrible Anxiety, so bad it was making me ill, I had a session with Matthew last night &am...

p; I could almost feel all the stress leaving my body & have felt so calm and positive today. He has a beautiful sense of calm and has helped me greatly. My son was having a lot of difficulty with anxiety also, he is 6 years old and has some communication and sensory issues. Since seeing Matthew only once on video call, he has made massive improvements. His anxiety is far less, he is calm, and his communication & interaction skills are improving every day, he is doing fantastic! I would highly recommend Matthew & Grace, they are incredible people, so kind and caring. I hope to see you again soon. Thank you so much. x

Kerrie McLellan
Hi Matthew and Grace, thank you both for your wonderful work. Since we spoke yesterday I can feel joy, peace, self-love and kindness and excitement for life again. Even my cat is purring more cause of the difference* Guys I highly recommend contacting Matthew and Grace they are truly gifted and can ...

help with minor to major issues, with a friendly and comfortable chat live on the mobile which is possible in these restraining times. Don't let distance be a problem, Greetings from Germany

Susan Culliney
Hi Mathew and Gracie, update defo sleeping better especially 2nd night was amazing and my anxiety is less thank you so so much.
Anonymous Client
I would highly recommend Matthew and Grace to anyone who needs any healing and care. I had 5 weeks of ongoing vertigo & anxiety that the doctors & hospital couldn't get to the bottom of and the medication didn't really help. I was very restricted as I couldn't even sit up without getting ver...

y dizzy. I got very used to being stuck in my room for weeks and this triggered bad anxiety. I was very lucky to come across Matthew’s website. After 2 sessions I felt the dizziness has eased completely and my anxiety wasn't as bad. I am so grateful for Matthew and Graces healing and help. Thank you, Matthew & Grace,

Bernie Veronica Connolly
Hi Matthew & Grace, I am doing much better thank God and thanks for all you help and healing. I am very grateful The dizziness seems to be gone & the anxiety has eased. I did a blood test on Monday and my thyroid came back too high. 1m on thyroid medication for years as I didn't make enough ...

natural thyroid. My doctor is going to reduce my medication or maybe take me off it altogether. He said too much thyroid medication can cause dizziness and high anxiety. I never thought years later I would ever be coming off this medication or reducing it. I have feeling you both helped with my thyroid as well.

Anonymous Client
Hello Matthew, I’m just checking in with you to let you know today I’m feeling a lot less anxious in myself & a lot more positive. I also think my infection feels like it’s getting better. I have also seen some lovely improvements in my son he's starting to attempt conversions more & h...

is eye contact is improving. Thank you so very much.

Anonymous Client
I just wanted to recommend Matthew to anyone who might be feeling a bit low at the moment. The current situation can be very hard on your mental health, and you shouldn't be afraid to ask for help. I did and I can honestly say that I feel better already. It's okay not to be okay. ????
Rosemarie Halpin
Hi Grace and Matthew - Just checking in with you guys after my healing a few weeks back - feeling really well thank God, that anxious and overwhelming feeling has disappeared! Going into my 12th week of pregnancy now, no major issues thank God
Anonymous Client
Contacted Matthew to ask him to send healing to a family member who was undergoing cancer treatment recently. They got the all clear the other day, can't thank him enough for his help and support. Please people if you need help and [or healing ask Matthew, he is fantastic. Only today I asked him to ...

help me with ongoing anxiety issues and literally within minutes I felt so much better. Again I urge you to trust Matthew and Grace to help you, they are brilliant!

Anonymous Client
Mathew I want to thank you so much for your help last when I got true to Grace I was in a bad way with Anxiety and since you done work with me last week I am delighted to let you both know I am much better now I am getting on well I just want to thank you so much for your help and Grace also I no yo...

u work as a team god bless you both and your families????

Ann Hynes
Hi Matthew, I want to remain anonymous. You saved my life to be you are my higher power I done a few one-to-one sessions with you due to my anxiety I had a severe form of it. You done something to me I didn't think was possible. I can go out now I can go into the shower without anyone having to sit ...

in the room with my I can do the things I thought wasn't possible. I'm so grateful for u entering my life and for me been able to be the mother to my kids again and bring them out and do the little things I am and will be forever grateful. Thank you to Gracie also. X

Anonymous Client
I have had a few healing sessions with Matthew for anxiety and panic attacks and have got great results. I am delighted with my progress, and I haven't got a panic attack in the last few months. I am so grateful to Matthew and would highly recommend him for the wonderful work that he does. Thank you...


Anonymous Client
Thank you for your free healing last night I feel so good today, and last night felt calm, warm, relaxed, did feel some stinging sensations in my body, feel better today than I have done in months, felt in tune with you and the Lord thank you x
Anonymous Client
I highly recommend Matthew and Gracie. They worked with my 3 year old daughter and helped with anxiety and fear in so many ways, even after one treatment. I can’t thank them enough.
Niamh Brennan
Hello Mattie and Gracie, just a quit update after her second WhatsApp healing with Mattie her anxiety and anxious feelings seems to have subsided, and she tells me she doesn’t need counselling now she is also weeks seizure free and feeling really well on her medication. I believe this is all your ...

amazing work you have done with her mattie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will organise an appointment with you soon please God for healing for myself. Thank you again.

Anonymous Client
I was healed by Matthew of very bad depression was just before lockdown I had gone to him 3 times and I was sure during lockdown that I get back the depression again, but I am fine and that is a miracle. I want to thank him very much God bless to Matthew and Gracie.
Mary Rosney
Hi Matthew and Grace, I had a video call with Matthew on Monday evening for Burning Mouth Syndrome. My pain has reduced yesterday for a lot of the day and so far today. I slept well the last 2 nights and my anxiety has lessened.
Anonymous Client
Mathew just want to say thank you thank y for your magnificent and miraculous powerful healing and recommended Matthew. He is doing video healing with me helping with my terrible headache on the left side every day, my mood down, no energy and with depression but after my first healing my headache l...

ess, mood fantastic and feeling happy  and more energy . Thanks Grace for your help too . I live or Canada

Mony Bello
Thank you, Matthew & grace, 1m 100 % since our Video Call Appointment. Feedback for you both since my healing. Don't need the meds ever so grateful, like a new woman, no headaches, great appetite sleeping great, mood fantastic, feeling great & happy, I'm like a new woman. Much gr...

atitude to amazing Grace & miracle Matthew. Thank you so so much God Bless C

Hi Matthew & Grace, I have brought my two teenage daughters to see you on two open days in the last few weeks. My eldest girl suffers from depression, anxiety and has had feelings towards ending her life. After her first open day, there was a noticeable difference in her being much calmer in ...

situations she would have otherwise been very anxious. Again today, after yesterday's open day much calmer in herself. My youngest daughter was in a car accident 12 months ago, although her injuries were severe, she recovered from them within three months however not mentally. She has been diagnosed with ADHD, PTSD, has bouts of depression and anxiety and has had two overdose attempts in the last four months. Getting her to stay in school has been challenging and getting her to go to classes a struggle for the school most days. She lost patience on the first day and didn't see you but saw you on-Sunday. Today, unexpectedly I had to collect her early from school & I couldn't believe my ears when she said "Mammy, I am having such a great day today, I don't want to go home"! I couldn't believe my ears furthermore as a result of my daughters suffering, I am stressed all of the time which results in immense back pain of which I didn't elect on Sunday for healing (just wanted the girls concentrated on), I did however join the circle at the end of Session 1 with my daughters. At the end of the circle session my back pain had disappeared! You truly are gifted Matthew and I thank God I learnt about you a few weeks ago. Looking forward to our next session.

Anonymous Client
Thank you so much Matthew for sending distant healing to me for my collapsed lung (tension pneumothorax), I am so incredibly grateful, my doctors have said my lung is restored to full health, I will be eternally grateful, he knew  exactly what caused the ailment without been informed, completely am...

azed me. He has helped my family and friends with many different things such as, COPD, back complaints, bacterial and viral infections, special needs, a friend who couldn’t conceive with years of trying did and has a healthy little baby, eczema, anxiety to name but a few the list goes on he has an incredible gift.

Anonymous Client
I personally suffered with deep depression as result of numerous heart breaks and traumas over a 1 year period, upon healing with Matthew, I felt wonderful feeling of calm n heat go through my body from head to my toes, slowly over a few minutes, never in my life felt so lite, my depression lifted, ...

can never thank Matthew enough , amazing man, amazing powerful man.

Anonymous Client
I would and have recommended Matthew his work is just amazing I've been seeing him for a few months for pain and depression of which I feel a different person ♥. And last week I burnt myself and went to see Matthew on Sunday in navan in 4 days and the burn has nearly gone blisters pain all gone am...

azing. Cannot thank Matthew and Grace enough xxxx ♥

Keeley McGee
I visited Matthew yesterday in the Maldron Hotel, Newlands Cross , I suffered with anxiety and IBS since my 1 and half year old was born it put a hold on my life and I thought I would never get out of it , it stopped me from leaving my house , since yesterday I have never felt this good i haven’t ...

felt that anxious feeling I got all day every day and I haven’t had one negative thought about the things that made me feel horrible. Thanks for seeing me Matthew.

Becca McGuirk


I had treatment with Matthew Lennon, just giving a comment on Matthew. I have been having a lot of pain in my arm for a long time, it’s called Tendinitis, it’s very painful. I had been taken a lot of tablets, had acupuncture and massage therapy, a year later, nothing works. I have been following...

Matthew on Facebook and think his work is brilliant, so I made the call and my pain is gone. Matthew, thank you very much, keep up the good work.

Margaret O Malley
Hi Matthew, After having my cancer and nerve damage and severe nerve damage pain in my neck shoulder and arm and getting physio weekly in one session u have made me feel the best I have felt in a long time tha k u so much , also for my osteo arthritis in my spine things have felt great lately the r...

elief of having no pain is great thank you so much

Anonymous Client
Matthew, let God keep you safe, people like you, should live forever, we need you. You are really giving us a second, happy life ... I experienced it personally???????? Thank you for healing.
Józef Polska
I was in work driving all day yesterday. Shortly after I arrived home yesterday evening, I had a severe pain in my arm just above my elbow. I couldn't move my arm, or touch it, I wasn't able to hold my new born son. The pain was so severe I could only hold it in one position. This went on for hours ...

and I had no ease from the pain. I got in contact with Matthew Lennon and the pain was gone in minutes. Thank you so much Grace and Matthew for squeezing me in and healing me just in time to help with the night feeds my partner was delighted.

I had an online healing with Matthew and Grace a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t believe the great relief from the healing, it helped the pains I was suffering in my arms and shoulders almost immediately. I am looking forward to more healing in the near future.
Sandra Hughes
I contacted Matthew yesterday for help with an injury to my forearm. I had been doing stretches in a push up position, after putting my whole body weight on my right arm, I felt and heard a tearing sound. Within minutes I couldn't stretch my arm fully or twist my forearm. If I did, the pain went sh...

ooting through my arm. I booked a video call with Matthew last night and the pain level was at a 9 or 10 (max) with restricted movement. I woke up this morning and I was smiling???? I can fully stretch my arm and when i twist the forearm the pain is only a 1-2 now. Can’t thank you enough Matthew really appreciate all your help ????????

Adrian Moloh
Friday night, I started to get a pain in my left arm. I tried to ignore it and went to bed. On Saturday, it was worse. It was travelling up and down my arm. It didn’t matter what way I put my arm, I couldn’t get any relief, it was a constant intense pain. I got a phone appointment with Matthew o...

n Saturday night. Within minutes the pain had completely eased. I was in such shock; I was laughing on the phone. Incredible gift. Thank you, Matthew.

Anonymous Client


I registered on Matthew’s live healing session just over a week ago as I had chronic back pain and had difficulty getting around. While listening to Matthew, I felt a tingling sensation in my back & could instantly feel relief. By the end of the session, I felt extremely relaxed & ...

realised I could stand up pain free. This is not the first time Matthew has healed me. About 6-7 years ago, I attended Matthew with severe osteoarthritis from my neck to my feet & after paying about four visits to him, I was pain free & still am. I cannot thank Matthew enough for all he has done for me. He truly is a remarkable person.

Patricia Kilmartin
Matthew, you have helped me many times with arthirtis, all successfully, thank you.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew and Grace, hope you are well. 3 days since seeing Matthew with reactive arthritis and erythema nodosum and symptoms have improved, not entirely but I definitely notice a difference even if is from getting up off the couch or getting out of bed.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew and Grace, I just wanted to give you an update on my dad. For the first time in 5 years dad was able to fix his own collar on his shirt at the back. And has more movement in both arms and no pain when he lifts his arms up. He's able to reach up and take a bowl out of the press with ease w...

hich he struggled to do beforehand. As for his short-term memory we have noticed that he's not repeating things as much and he himself has noticed some improvement. We hope that this will continue and want to thank u for ur amazing work.

Anonymous Client
Good afternoon Matthew and Grace my knee is much better today I feel the heat coming true and I am able to move around much better today God Bless you both.
Anonymous Client
I would highly recommend Matthew and Gracie. What they do for people is unbelievable. We have had healing from Matthew for pregnancy issues, arthritis, and many other things.  We've had life changing results. It doesn't matter where in the world you  are, Matthew is there at the other end of a pho...

ne waiting to help everyone  that needs it. I couldn't recommend him enough. If I could give 20 stars I would without a doubt.

Glenda McGrail
I would highly recommend a visit to Matthew. He has a most remarkable gift, and he has really helped me. I had bad pain for 25 years from a neuroma post ovarian surgery. Doctors told me I would have to live with it. I have been pain free since I saw Matthew a number of years ago. A cyst on my finger...

joint disappeared after showing it to Matthew. 2 surgeons told me the cyst wouldn't go away and I would need extensive surgery. A hammertoe is fixed and pain-free. It is true that Matthew cannot help everybody, but doctors can't help everybody either. On a side note Matthew picked up arthritis in my thoracic spine. As I don't have pain, I didn't believe him, but it was accidentally picked up on a routine screening scan for osteoporosis a few months later! Exactly where he said it was! I have great faith in Matthew, and I have no hesitation in recommending him. Thank you, Matthew and Grace

Rona O Riordan
I couldn't wear my shoes or walk with dreadful Uric acid symptoms i.e. gout. I attended Matthew and with his help my feet are perfect now even my doctors words were “I never thought l id see your feet back to normal again” he even he was so surprised by my return to normal walking without limpin...

g. I saw Matthew working in several venues. Seeing is believing the amount of people he cured at every healing session. Thank you, Matthew God bless your healing hands.

Jean Cleary
I had an online appointment with Matthew at the start of the week. I can’t believe the results already I suffered with pins and needles in my hands for years have arthritis in them and it was getting worst where it was hard to sleep without woken up with the pain but after a session with Matthe...

w I'm sleeping well with no aches or pains and not woken up once. Also, suffered getting infections which I suffered the last few months and could not get rid of it... tried everything like home remedies and medication and got no relief but after the session my infection has healed, and all the symptoms is gone! Sooooo happy and grateful for both Matthew and Grace's help. I recommend Matthew to everyone, and he has a great powerful gift. Thank you so much xx

Caroline Feeney
Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say to you Matthew and Grace. I have had pain in my left hip for almost 6 years due to arthritis. I don’t like taking painkillers. I had been following Matthew online for some time hoping I could get to him. But lockdown happened so today I had my first video app...

ointment with Matthew. I got emotional as I honestly felt the pain turn to a tingle and leave. I couldn't believe this would happen on my first appointment, but I have so much belief and faith in Matthew. I do need more appointments and will be making them accordingly. I am extremely happy and pain free. Thank you again.

Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew/ Gracie, here-was talking to you on Monday 29th. Just to let you know since Monday I have better movement in my right leg-fluid seems to be gone. Didn't have pains as such but both my wrists and hands seem weak when using them. Had no junk but am drinking more water than usual. Thanks
Anonymous Client
Thank you so much Matthew for today, the swelling of my arthritis in my hands has gone down a lot after our appointment today and I have no sinus problems at all today thanks to you. You really are fantastic at healing.
Anonymous Client


I’ve had a sore right hip for years. I’ve listened to Matthew Lennon (who was recommended by my friend Marion Bonner) so since listening to live healing just before Christmas time my hip pain is gone since then. I would like to thank Matthew Lennon & thank god for this, i will be listening to t...

he next live healing as I’ve asthma & bronchitis since i was a child. (now55).. Have stopped smoking since 1st December 2020. A bit late I know to stop but with the help of God & Matthew Lennon. My lungs will get better.

Ann Mc Mullan
Hello again, Matthew I tuned in to your free healing session at 8.30 Irish time n just to let u know it was so relaxing n helpful as I suffer from ulcerative colitis and asthma/ copd I felt quite a few sensations during the healing i.e. tingling in my hands / bad pain for few seconds in my left sid...

e and after it I got a really cold feeling. I feel really positive about it please God. So just to say thank you so much once again.

Anonymous Client


Totally recommend Gracie and Mathew. Mathew has worked wonders for my 2-year-old boy who has a form of Ataxia. The change in my boy is amazing and wonderful to watch ..My son I's now taking steps and talking a lot more well able to give out lol.. I'm so happy with his progress xx
Nicola Dowd


She is doing really well saying the rosary every night and is getting more vocal as well, so she is doing great, thank God.
Hello Matthew and Grace, since Monday xxx has been better behaved he was at the swimming pool yesterday evening and usually gets very upset when its time to go home but yesterday his Dad told him he was allowed 5 to jump 5 more times and then home, after the 5th jump, he got out o...

f the pool himself and no tantrum. Going to bed and taking him off the iPad has also been easier. He also seems to be saying a wee bit more. Thank you so much, this is a great improvement.

Anonymous Client
Hi, just wanted to give you an update on xxx, he has come out of his shell a little bit, he has rocking horse at home that makes noise and he has always been scared to sit on it but that day after his session with Matthew, he sat on it and laughed and smiled while he played with it, which is out of ...

his character for him with that toy in particular because he never had much interest in it before.

Anonymous Client
Thank you! I also wanted to mention that 30 min after the Healing session my son came over and said mama to me. He hasn’t said mama in months! Incredible!
Anonymous Client
An update on xxx Since Friday xxx seems to be giving people little more eye contact also saying dada and trying to get few more words out!!
Anonymous Client
I would like to say a massive thank you for all your help, Matthew, and Grace. My son is 3 and is autistic. My son has become very attentive to my 9mt old, which he never acknowledged until now. Before our sessions he could not tolerate food spilled on his clothing, face, or hands, now he loves a hu...

ge mess, and he completely interacts and responds when we talk to him and call him now. He started his sessions with Matthew nonverbal and now he has a minimum of 30 words, possibly more after 2 sessions. His whole look has changed, he has such a beautiful curious look on his face and much more confident. He stopped eating before we seen Matthew, and now is trying foods he would never touch previously. He has completely hit all his tasks for his progress plan. My son’s digestive system has 100% improved. It was getting to the point it was 1 meltdown after another, that has decreased from 100% all the way down to 1%. The change is phenomenal, we can't thank you enough, to hear his little voice is priceless. The random things he says brings shock, smiles, and giggles to everyone. To watch him praise his voice is priceless. The random things he says brings shock, smiles, and giggles to everyone. To watch him praise himself every time he says a new word is mesmerising. Hels making fantastic progress in his speech, that even he recognises it and is not frustrated anymore. We are forever grateful and will definitely be having more sessions with you. A massive Thank you from a very happy mum and daddy.

Anonymous Client
I just want to write a quick thank you message here to Matthew and Grace who have been working with my 7 year old son with autism in a few weeks he has gone from nonverbal to speaking a few words and improving everyday he is also a lot more engaged and aware of everything he is doing and a lot more ...

aware of his own emotions and were excited to see how much more he improves in the coming weeks he is a much happier boy already cant thank ye enough for your amazing work.

Trevor Maxi Maxwell
Hi guys, my name is Orla I woke up on November 3rd with bells palsy in the left hand side of my face I was on 10 steroids a day for ten days from my GP and I visited Matthew 4 times privately in the following two weeks and my face to date is 99% back to normal thanks to Matthew and Gracie’s amazin...

g work. Also my daughter Keeva is attending Matthew with her autism and speech& language delay and the words are slowly starting to make themselves heard and as a baby Keeva had silent reflux and Matthew is treating her stomach too which is also making amazing progress I cannot rate Matthew and. Grace enough to people the main thing is you have to believe from your first appointment that Matthews healing will work on you 100%

Orla Franks