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Matthew Lennon is one of those who has the gift to heal us from our sickness and pain, it’s a belief must have, not just hope. Matthew healed myself which I suffered from Crohn’s disease for 21 years, had 3 operations, my partner had back pain, my son at 5 months suffered every day with reflux a...

fter one session, he slept that night and thrived from then. My partner’s uncle was in a nursing home, he didn’t know us, couldn’t feed himself, walk and was unresponsive rushed to hospital, my partner text Matthew & Gracie yet again, his healing powers worked, he is back to himself, doing everything as he was before he got sick even better, that is 4 in our family that has been healed by Matthew. Have faith & belief in this man that has a special gift that is so rare.

Eamonn Sherry
Hi Grace & Matthew, hope ye are both well & hope it’s sunny wer you both are. Just said I’d drop a wee line & give you an update on my precious wee Xxx. When I got of the phone to you both on Friday, I just knew it had worked instantly. I seen a change in my child, a more relaxed bab...

y, not tense. Since healing, Xxx nappies have been saturated, his vomit is no longer like slime & he had the cold sweats Saturday morning (I’m Assuming all the above was getting the infection out of him as Matthew has suggested he may have an infection) He has been just so content & it’s Lovely to c family members not afraid to be with him in case of choking!!! Thank you so much, you saved my little boy

Anonymous Client
Contacted Matthew and Grace about a really bad flare up of diverticulitis. I had been hospitalised with quite bad infection. Once I stopped taking antibiotics it started again. I didn't want to continue in that vein. After that first session I haven't had any bleeding, my energy levels are so much b...

etter, sleeping better than I have in 2 years. A hernia that was quite painful. NO pain at all. Am calmer too. Didn't realise how anxious I had become. Feel great now. So blessed, thank you both so much. Worth every penny!

Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew and Grrace , just  checking in with you , I’ve had no issues with acid reflux since Wednesday , and would you believe i got up this morning and threw my cigarettes into the bin have wanted to give up for so long but for some reason this morning I felt the time was right thank you both ...

so much.

Anonymous Client
Many thanks for the healing session last Friday for my candida. Gut feels a lot calmer and a lot less gassy. Felt like sleeping a lot over the weekend - probably a good sign my body was trying to repair.
Anonymous Client
It's been several months now since I received healing from Matthew Lennon and can happily report that the results have been brilliant to say the least. I never thought that I would be free from gastritis reflux and heartburn but that has been my experience. Matthew Lennon is a very ordinary man with...

an extraordinary gift of healing. long may he continue to use this precious gift for the good of all who need it.

Eamonn Mc Philomey