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I’m very grateful to Matthew and Gracie. I first contacted them because my grandfather had pain after surgery. He also had problems raising his arms after a bad fall and with his throat. The sessions were online and I was translating for him because we’re in Chile and my grandfather only...

speaks Spanish. I could see that Matthew’s healing was been effective, easing the pain and helping improve his arm’s movement range. I contacted him again later on because I was the one needing help this time. When my cat went missing, I was very upset, got sick and also very tired. I wasn’t sleeping either, but after the sessions with Matthew I had some peace and could sleep. He also offered to send Healing to my cat, so that he could find his way back to me. He had never been outside and it took two months but he is finally back. There are several factors and actions that helped, but I think Matthew’s help and support made a big difference and I am very grateful to him and Gracie. They’re very caring, kind people and I would highly recommend them.

Amalia, Chile
Hi Grace & Matthew, I’m doing good, the constant pain has gone, I am so delighted. The hardest part was resting up for 3 days, I didn’t walk too much, but now the pain has gone, movement is much easier and will improve as time moves on. Thank you so much for all your help, can’t th...

ank you enough.  

Deb Ireland
I would love if you could heal my mother over the phone or in prayer please. My mother got covid last august. Got two major bleeds in lower back. Has had three major operations but at the moment needs to get up and walk in order for wound in tummy to heal. She doesn't have much strength in her legs ...

at all. Hi there, just to let you know Mammy took 8 steps today with help. Her right leg felt good and strong. Mammy is great, less fluid on her knee and more strength in her legs too. Her wound seems to be healing well and there are telling us her blood levels are good. Thank you. If I fell mammy needs more healing, I will get back to you. Thank you so much. Thank you Matthew for your healing.

Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew/ Gracie, here-was talking to you on Monday 29th. Just to let you know since Monday I have better movement in my right leg-fluid seems to be gone. Didn't have pains as such but both my wrists and hands seem weak when using them. Had no junk but am drinking more water than usual. Thanks
Anonymous Client
I would recommend Matthew; he has cured my leg pain over 1 year ago and I have seen 1st hand his amazing work. God Bless you, keep safe Matthew and Grace
Monica Flood
I visited Matthew and I would recommend him. I walked in with a crutch for my numb leg and within a few weeks, I could without it. Have faith xx
Jenny Costello
I have listened into a couple of Matthew’s healing sessions with great results with aches, pains and even veins in my legs have almost gone. Last Saturday night my wife and I both tuned into Matthew’s healing session, and she also got healing with pains, sinus, headaches which are all much bette...

r now. Cannot but recommend Matthew, he truly has a gift of healing.

John Ryan
Thank you so much Matthew and Gracie. I have had this slipped disk in my back for years and I can’t believe that it’s actually gone. I feel no pain at all. I was in pain 24/7 in my back and going down through my leg. I am in complete shock that it has gone. Thank you so so much for this I can’...

t thank you enough. It is a big relief off me now.

Anonymous Client
A very big thank you to Matthew for healing me through God, I am so grateful, my leg pain is gone. I can walk with ease again. I will be forever grateful for your help.
Anonymous Client
A very big thank you to Matthew for healing me through God, I am so grateful, my leg pain is gone. I can walk with ease again. I will be forever grateful for your help.
Anonymous Client
Hi guys, just wanted to update on my shin injury. I still can’t believe how well and quickly it’s healed!!! From a 5cm x 2.5cm totally open wound, with absolutely no skin there to stich. Literally down to the bone! To total coverage with new replacement skin! As you know I was really worried. To...

the point I purposely avoided going to hospital as I didn’t have an appetite for probably having to go through with having to have a skin graft procedure! I’ve had a few previous shin injuries although never with missing skin. Those were stitched and took much longer to heal and also left terrible scarring. Amazing work. Absolutely amazing! Worth mentioning my shoulders and psoriasis while I write. Shoulders still totally pain free! So I’m absolutely delighted I came across Mathew before my shoulder reconstruction surgery went ahead! Then lastly my psoriasis has gone from chronic to 99.5% clear. I generally feel much better all round. Less aches and pains to! As if Mathew gave me overall healing! I could easily go on! Thanks again guy’s! Another delighted patient. Regards From Poland.

I was yesterday on open day in Mayo. After leg injury (hamstrings partial tearing) 18 months ago, I'm pain free for the first time without the painkillers. No 'stabbing' pain under my knee while walking or easy stretching and I can walk better and faster. I wil...

l book private appointment for sure. I strongly recommend.

Slava Cicakova


Hi Gracie and Matthew, I had an appointment with my consultant on Tuesday.  He said the blood test results and the colonoscopy results were very good. He said I seemed like a different person. I could see that he was thrown by the results. I told him I had been to you for help. He didn't co...

mment. Thank you both for all your help.

Hi, just an update with my results as discussed. Liver – decreased in left lobe from 2cm to 1cm, other liver lesions no longer seen. Lungs – decrease in size, one measured 3.2cm, now 2cm. Poorly defined mass at pancreas, neck i...

s no longer visible.

Anonymous Client
Hi Gracie, hope all is well with you and Matt. Xxx got his recent scan results. Everything is responding well, thank God. Nodules in all three areas (lungs, liver and pancreas) are all decreasing in size.
Annoyomous Client
Hi Gracie Matthew told me to message you three days after my healing, I’m feeling good don’t have pain in my liver since Tuesday.
Anonymous Client
So today was a very strange day and a miracle day because not only has the liver transplant went well for 9.5 hr operation but my sister in laws dad was on home kidney dialysis and he got a 5am, we reckon it was the same donor an also xxx got a call to say her tumour in lung has shrunk dramatically ...

and it’s not in Lymph nodes anymore. Whatever you have done through me to get to I feel has went to xxx also. Today is a very emotional day. would love to see you not alone to say thank you for her son but for herself also.

Anonymous Client


Much better! 🙏 Thanks so much to Matthew, my body aches, fever and heavy chest feeling just evaporated yesterday and I know it was the healing 🥰
Jessica (Canada)
Hi, just an update with my results as discussed. Liver – decreased in left lobe from 2cm to 1cm, other liver lesions no longer seen. Lungs – decrease in size, one measured 3.2cm, now 2cm. Poorly defined mass at pancreas, neck i...

s no longer visible.

Anonymous Client
Hi Gracie, hope all is well with you and Matt. Xxx got his recent scan results. Everything is responding well, thank God. Nodules in all three areas (lungs, liver and pancreas) are all decreasing in size.
Annoyomous Client
My mam was given 20% chance of survival while on a ventilator in 2020 with Covid, in the first phase of the madness. I contacted Matthew and worked with him and Gracie over the phone in relation to my mam. There were no visitors allowed so Matthew had to work distantly. I firmly believe it was thank...

s to his healing she is here today. Even following on from her waking up and been taken off the ventilator there were a few issues which I also spoke to Matthew and Gracie about and over a matter of days the issues went away. Docs couldn’t understand it. Matthew has an amazing gift.

June Donlon
Hello Matthew, Alan has made great progress since your healing...he is now talking with a mini ventilation and is getting out of the bed and into a chair..Helooks a lot better from when I was texting you las...

t...thank you so much for your help with Alan.

Anonymous Client
Hello Mathew, hope your keeping well. Apologies for the late text. Alan made a big turn around the next day after your healing. His kidneys are fine,hisoxygen improved and he was moved from a mouth pi...

ece ventilation to a throat ventilation.. His temperature is still up and we are awaiting results from bloods and scan on his chest...They are keeping him in deep sedation for now...

Anonymous Client
Would really recommend Matthew & Gracie's Healing. They worked wonders on someone very special to us that was having temperature spikes, chest infections and after contacting them two days later all cleared up and still that way, thank God.
Bridget Meehan
Can’t recommend grace and Matthew enough. My aunty was very sick with covid on a ventilator. I reached out to Matthew and grace to see if they could help as my aunty needed a miracle. A miracle they gave us. My aunty is now making great progress and is recovering very well. Can’...

t wait to get home from Australia to see her  Thank you both so much 

Tanya Harkin
I had cancer operation last year before i went for it i contacted Matthew and Gracie i got great peace of mind and throughout the treatment i got great help i got my scan a week ago and got very favourable results today i want say a big thank you to Matthew and Gracie, I will continue to seek help f...

rom them.

Anonymous Client
Hi guys, I want to thank yous from the bottom of our hearts, he is completely back to normal now. He might cough twice a day, that's it. You absolutely kicked RSV's ass. From half hour after I messaged yous, it made the world of difference. Again thank yous so much xxxxx
Anonymous Client
I would highly recommend Matthew Lennon, first time I went to Matthew was about 3 yrs ago in Tullamore Court Hotel for a healing on a very painful right knee that I couldn’t even kneel on, and I can honestly say I never looked back. In more recent times I had great video healing sessions for...

a chronic cough that I had for months, couldn’t sleep at night and no medication worked. After a few sessions of video calls I'm very much improved, I can cope much better and I'm sleeping much better will still have a few more sessions of Matthew's wonderful healing. I have had severe back pain for weeks and was in agony after a few Sessions with Matthew I'm now pain free and not suffering every day as I did. As a health care worker I need my back to be pain free to be able to do my job every day in the community. I'm so grateful to Matthew for the great video calls, they are really relaxing and peaceful. if you open your heart and mind to Matthew's great healing work, you will receive the wonderful benefit of healing. highly recommend this man and I'm looking forward to my next video healing session. Also big thank you to Gracie, such a lovely lady, Matthew’s assistant.

Catherine Hogan
Hi guys, xxx is my son, he just turned 2yrs old. He caught RSV, but turned very bad within an hour the day of your live Healing. He is doing a good bit better thank you. Just before I messaged you, he started a raging temperature, and literally half an hour after I texted you, it was gone, thank God...

. His breathing is so much better, can still be quite breathless and wheezy in the mornings, but nothing like it was on Saturday. I swear to God guys, I really don’t know what we’d do without yous. Xx

Anonymous client
I would recommend Matthew and Gracie. They worked with my little girl who contacted Covid. After one treatment her temperature returned to normal, cough and phlegm seized. I also noticed that all her anxieties were removed, and her spirits uplifted. She no longer suffers from fatigue. Matthew is a g...

entleman, so kind and understanding. I am so thankful to Matthew for sharing his healing gift. God Bless.

Katherine McKean
Hi Grace & Matthew, thanks for the healing on Monday. I do feel better today. My energy has improved again, and that heavy congested feeling has eased. Thank you so much.
Anonymous Client
I contacted Matthew and Grace 4 weeks ago – my dad was 3 months fighting Covid on a ventilator – he was ventilated and not responsive despite the care plans and treatment – doctors told us we needed a miracle as my dad’s prognosis was not good, Covid had weakened ...

n class="s9">him and the long battle had taken its toll. I reached out to Matthew and asked for a miracle – within 36 hrs after speaking to Matthew, my dad woke up alert, no temperature for the first time in almost 3 months. He was able to mouth his words and we could lip read. He started to finally move his fingers and one of his hands after 3 months. It was tough but he was showing signs of improvements. 2 weeks on, my dad suffered a cardiac arrest, he was not expected to pull through, we were told he would arrest any minute and he would pass…we stayed by his side for 3 days. I updated Matthew and after 3 days my dad had stabilised, no long-term effects caused from the cardiac arrest. My dad grew stronger & finally after 101 days in Covid ICU my dad was strong enough to go to main ICU. My dad is now talking through a speaker valve, he can slightly move both legs, move both hands, move shoulders, he has the most amazing zest for life and smiling and laughing, every day, he is growing stronger, achieving milestones each day… His doctors say “it is a miracle he is here today”. I asked for a miracle – I got a miracle – my dad is smiling, getting stronger and I have no doubt the healing from Matthew helped. It was almost like a switch for my dad. I wont deny he has the most amazing medical team but my dad woke suddenly, alert and has baffled his doctors on how he has overcome recent events so amazingly and after such a long stay in ICU, the doctors are now confident my dad will survive his fight from Covid. Matthew and Grace stayed in touch, giving words of support and encouragement while healing my dad and for that, I’m eternally grateful to them both, they both believed, and they gave us the miracle we so needed for my dad.

Lorraine Kelly
My mam was critical in hospital for 16 days on a ventilator fighting against pneumonia, sinusitis, blood clots and a collapsed lung 4 times.. she was worked on by both these amazing people twice, she wasn’t expected to make her journey from naas to St. James’s hospital and although still not out...

of the woods and still on a ventilator since this we have been receiving more positive news for the first time and get some really important tests done which she was too weak for beforehand and that they have been able to reduce her levels of oxygen ???????????????? she herself had told me about Matthew and when she does come round I can’t wait to tell her all about this ☺️☺️

Esther Kenny
Hi Grace & Matthew hope you are both well my sister is pregnant and just got a scan which showed fluid gathering around baby's heart and lungs they have another scan on Monday. I was wondering would you have any appointments late tomorrow night or Sunday. Thank you for taking the time to talk to m...

e & do a healing session on Sunday. We had our scan on Monday and got really positive news, everything appears to be ok with baby. We are back in 3 weeks for a follow up scan and hoping for more good news. Thanks again

Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew and Grace, just a wee update on how I am feeling… My hands are a lot better just a little pain now and again at my wrist. My pain in my back and lungs is almost gone and no more rash appeared. I don’t feel as tired… So I am going in the right direction. Thanks once again.
Anonymous Client
Hi again, well just to let you know after my video call with you on Friday evening in respect of COPD, I have to say I’m soo happy since, I’ve got great relief in respect of my breathing.
Anonymous Client
Thank you so much Matthew for sending distant healing to me for my collapsed lung (tension pneumothorax), I am so incredibly grateful, my doctors have said my lung is restored to full health , I will be eternally grateful, he knew exactly what caused the ailment without been informed, completely am...

azed me. He has helped my family and friends with many different things such as, COPD, back complaints, bacterial and viral infections, special needs, a friend who couldn’t conceive with years of trying did and has a healthy little baby, eczema, anxiety to name but a few the list goes on he has an incredible gift.

Anonymous Client
Matthew, just to tell you about a month ago, I was a close contact of 3 covid virus positives cases. Had to isolate for 14 days. Two of those people were working each side of me during that week. I contacted you at the time to ask you to think of me. Of course, yes was your answer a...

s always. I didn’t pick up the virus thankfully, even though one of the guys beside me had it and 3 of his family did. Now all are ok thank God. So thank you so much Matthew, I have no doubt your touch once again has shown its effect.

Gerry Ralph
My mam was very ill in hospital with covid. I contacted Matthew and the recovery she has made to date is unbelievable. I would highly recommend Matthew and thanks to Gracie for all your support also x
Louise Cahill
I would like to thank you for all your help with a COVID patient who is recovering well and definitely recommend to anyone ????????
Michelle Hunter
I’ve had a sore right hip for years. I’ve listened to Matthew Lennon (who was recommended by my friend Marion Bonner) so since listening to live healing just before Christmas time my hip pain is gone since then. I would like to thank Matthew Lennon & thank god for this, i will be listening to t...

he next live healing as I’ve asthma & bronchitis since i was a child. (now55).. Have stopped smoking since 1st December 2020. A bit late I know to stop but with the help of God & Matthew Lennon. My lungs will get better.

Ann Mc Mullan
My dad was very ill with covid for 4 weeks and thanks to the healing of Matthew he is today moving out of hdu we’re so lucky x
Anita Gormley
Gracie, my mam has made fantastic recovery this past few days… mouth well improved, off the feeding tube and eating…oxygen has reduced on hi flow during the day from 60% to 45%, sitting out today twice for two hours each time, physio had her doing gentle exercised today…tonig...

ht is her first night off cpap and no hi flow so please keep your healing going as there has been fantastic improvements with her…Thank you so so so much xxx

Anonymous Client
I would like to thank Matthew and Gracie. My brother contacted Covid 19 and ended up in ICU and on a ventilator. Was making no progress. I contacted Gracie on Friday. Matthew did a distance healing session. Brother came off ventilator on Sunday and moved out of ICU on Monday. I couldn’t thank Matt...

hew enough.

Bridie Lynch
Hello again, Matthew I tuned in to your free healing session at 8.30 Irish time n just to let u know it was so relaxing n helpful as I suffer from ulcerative colitis and asthma/ copd I felt quite a few sensations during the healing i.e. tingling in my hands / bad pain for few seconds in my left sid...

e and after it I got a really cold feeling. I feel really positive about it please God. So just to say thank you so much once again.

Anonymous Client
I would highly recommend Matthew’s healing abilities. He worked remotely on my mam when she was critically ill on a ventilator with COVID and also worked on ulcers on her legs. Thankfully she made it home. When the nurses took the...

bandages off her legs a couple of days after I spoke to Matthew about the ulcers on her legs, there was almost no sign of where the ulcers had been. Amazingly gifted man and thank you for everything.

June Donlon
Thank you, Matthew, for your healing on Saturday night. I felt great after your live healing. I suffer from chest and lung problems. but I honestly can say I feel great and today is Wednesday. I highly recommend this man he is wonderful ..what he does he does good... I’m so thankful to you Matt...

hew. Hope to see you soon

Maureen Griffin
Hi Matthew, just want to say thank you for your healing Saturday night… I feel so good since the healing. I suffer with my chest and lungs. I am very pleased and feel so much better. Thanks again & I hope to see you soon xx
Anonymous Client
Thank you, Matthew, for your healing last night… I feel so much better today. I suffer from C.O.P.D. Thanks again.
Anonymous Client
I booked my dad a video call healing session as he was struggling with a constant cough and struggling for breath most mornings. After steroids and antibiotics didn’t work, I decided to message Matthew, I had heard of his healing gift from a girl who attended him previously. Dad has 3 video sessio...

ns one a week for 3 weeks and the difference was incredible. Dad's breathing is grand now and the cough is gone, his energy really increased as well. Thank you Grace and Matthew ye will be the first people I call on if any of my family or I feel unwell. Your blessed with an amazing gift. Thank you so much x

Caroline Clancy
My mum has been taking off the ventilator.
Anonymous Client
Update on xxx, he got out of ICU yesterday. He is on oxygen just; he has a bit of recovery to get through. Its brilliant. Thank you to you and Matthew for all your help.
XXX is of the ventilator, he is now on the road to recovery from Covid. Thanks very much for all your help. Xx
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew, would just like to say a big thank you. My husband has been on a ventilator and intensive care for 4 weeks fighting Covid 19. I can’t believe his improvements since you started to work with him. He is now out of intensive care. Thank you.
Anonymous Client
Update on xxx. Doctors say he should be showing signs of getting better but he is not, he is the sickest in ICU. The doctors are talking about turning of the machine, he needs a miracle. The doctors said his lungs are like a sponge,...

he would need a miracle to survive as the doctors can do no more for him, itsjust a waiting game. After your healing treating xxx is now out of a coma and he can communicate by blinking, his lungs are not working yet, he is crying all the time as he knows what’s going on and can’t do anything about it. Thank you for all your help.

Anonymous Client
Just an update on mam… crazy hour the last hour, mams awake and breathing about 80% on her own! Slight sedation just to keep her comfortable with the ventilator. So so happy! We are not allowed into the hospital; she has a long ro...

ad ahead and still on ventilator but she’s alive and breathing on her own most of the time. I’m ecstatic! Thank you. Another update, the hospital are hoping to try take mam off the ventilator today, its unbelievable and so sudden over the past 2 days. Thanks so much for everything you and Matthew are doing.x

Anonymous Client
Hi, another positive update. Mams infection and inflammation markers in her bloods have reduced and they have reduced the sedation enough so she is now taking a few breaths on her own and not relying totally on the ventilator! Stabl...

e so far. I feel like shouting from the roof tops! I’m so so happy x Cant believe it! And its all started happening since being in touch with you. Please send my sincere thanks to Matthew for all he is doing and whatever else he can do. These are positives much quicker than other Covid patients on ventilators x

Anonymous Client
I had a really bad cough and tightness in my chest for over a week and I rang Matthew an arranged a video call on the Friday night after the call I felt really tired the next day an slept quite a bit but by the Monday /Tuesday I noticed a difference my cough had eased still had a bit tightness in ch...

est so I had another video call on Friday night again an today Tuesday pain is gone I have cleaned my house an feeling great can't recommend Matthew enough know him a long time he has helped me different times.

Dorothy McGrath
Woke up Tuesday night feeling unwell heaviness in chest and shortness of breath temperature 37.9 tummy pain aches and pains and generally feeling unwell and nauseous, and very fatigue didn’t me criteria to be tested for covid 19 as I didn’t have 2 of 3 of the main symptoms and also no other unde...

rlying conditions (seemed like I wasn’t sick enough)but was told to self-isolate with 3 kids for 14 days as my partner is working away... the 3 kids had coughs.. Thursday felt so unwell couldn’t get the energy to get out of bed at all seen as previous post on Matthew's page and I made contact as I would have done anything just to feel better to be able to look after the kids... I had no underlying conditions (seemed like I wasn’t sick enough) but was told to self-isolate with 3 kids for 14 days as my partner is working away... the 3 kids had coughs... Thursday felt so unwell couldn’t get the energy to get out of bed at all seen as previous post on Matthew’s page and I made contact as I would have done anything just to feel better to be able to look after the kids... (I had previously attended Matthew 6 years ago for hypermobility issue with my daughter) Matthew offered to do some healing on myself and the kids through a what's app video call I could feel relief while he was working.. today much improved myself no coughing from kids and my oldest classes herself as feeling ... "elegant" since treatment... amazing work as always.

Anonymous Client
Hi, I just want to thank Grace and Matthew. I had a video healing appointment last Tuesday evening, I am a health care worker & I was exposed to a patient who turned out to be positive with Corona Virus. I began last weekend getting symptoms similar to...

/span> Corona symptoms, I had shivers and a gritty throat, I was very anxious. I am in isolation…I had a very peaceful video healing session with Matthew which resulted in my symptoms fading to none thank God at the minute and my anxiety levels have really dropped thank you…and also this is not my first it’s my second successful healing session with Matthew Lennon.

Anonymous Client
Attended Mathew as I have bronchiectasis. I kept getting chest infections including a 9-month,6 month and two 5-month chest infections over the last five years. And had put on a lot of weight due to lack of exercise. I went to Mathew twice in Tullamore one week apart. Now I am back swimming, and my ...

chest is clear of infection. and feel good in myself. I am now back swimming! Whatever ‘magic’ he has in his hands certainly worked for me. Thank you Mathew Lennon!!!

Kieran Fitzgerald

Lyme Disease

Thank you Matthew for all your help in restoring my health and energy post Lyme disease and also for healing my daughter’s  finger post-surgery, you wouldn’t know which finger she had surgery on when you look at her hand now. Very grateful for all your amazing work. Thankyou also to Grace for I...

am not sure I would have met Matthew if it wasn't for you. xxx

Caitriona Mulkere
Hi, I took my three children to see Matthew and Grace on a few occasions. My daughter had been unwell for a few years but thanks to Matthew and Grace she is now in great health and in college full time. My son got Lyme disease and was sick for almost four years, he has made a full recovery following...

the healing sessions with ye. Matthew is currently treating my other son and he has made remarkable improvements. All I can say is thank you both so very very much, I will be forever grateful.

Thank you Matthew and grace for the lovely healing session last Saturday night ,Dawn and I found it so calming  an...

d peaceful and we have been  doing it every  day since then , we love these sessions  and we so appreciate  you taking  the time to do these sessions for us all ,than you so so much ,????????

Louie Diver
I will be forever grateful to Matthew, for saving my daughters life. Grace was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease & 8 Co. Infections. She was misdiagnosed for 10 years. Having been to countless Dr’s, Consultants & hospitals ...

with no results, We brought her to see Matthew on the recommendation of a Dr, as she was terminally ill. She now has her life back and living it to the full.

Marie Weston