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Hi Matthew and Gracie, XX was diagnosed with bulging discs in his neck and thyroid problems, he is constantly on morphine patch for the pain along with additional painkillers. Since your Healing treatment, he had little to no pain and no shakes in his hands. Thanking you both so much.
Anonymous Client
Hey Gracie, just want to let you know my neck and shoulder pain and stifness has improved so much. I still have some pains in legs and arms on and off but overall, I have improved. I’ve been doing as Matthew advised by drinking lots of water too.
Anonymous Client
Greetings good night, I want to thank Mr. Mateo for taking away an unbearable pain that I had in my neck, I still have a section to go, and I am a new man. If you are suffering from any disease go to him and I promise you will be cured.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew, After having my cancer and nerve damage and severe nerve damage pain in my neck shoulder and arm and getting physio weekly in one session u have made me feel the best I have felt in a long time tha k u so much , also for my osteo arthritis in my spine things have felt great lately the r...

elief of having no pain is great thank you so much

Anonymous Client
Matthew, let God keep you safe, people like you, should live forever, we need you. You are really giving us a second, happy life ... I experienced it personally! Thank you for healing.
Józef Polska
Hi, since the last healing session, I had the wear and tear, and it is completely gone. I don’t have discomfort in my neck, and I can move freely. I have it slightly in the back of my head and neck but the worst of it is gone. Thanks very much for the healing.
Anonymous Client
I went to see Matthew and Grace last year in Killarney for recurring neck and shoulder pain, absolutely amazing. I left feeling lighter and so calm, my neck has improved immensely as my shoulder. Matthew and Grace are so welcoming and definitely gifted. Thank you, highly recommended.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Grace, I am definitely improved but still catching me on certain movements. I’m sure you’re busy with more serious ailments.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Grace, I am definitely improved but still catching me on certain movements. I’m sure you’re busy with more serious ailments.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew, I did a WhatsApp healing session with you last Saturday. I have been making steady progress since. My neck has calmed a lot. My eyes aren’t as sore. I’m not as bad waking up now in the morning. Every day I’m feeling so much better in every way. Thank you for your prayers and healin...

g. You have worked wonders so far and I pray for continued healing.

Anonymous Client
I have had a shoulder pain for two and a half years going into my neck and could not lift my arm. I also had hip pain and after Matthew Lennon’s live healing session. I am now pain free.
Mary Doran
I went to see Matthew and Grace January of last year with recurring neck and shoulder pain that was ongoing for years, after my visit I felt lighter and just so calm, my neck and shoulder have improved immensely. I want to thank Matthew and grace for their kindness and their healing. I would highly ...

recommend Matthew and grace and God bless you both x

Sheila McQuinn
I contacted Matthew as a family member was given a 5% survival chance. There had been no movement since his accident 3 weeks ago. Since Matthew’s healing treatment, he has moved his feet, his legs & lifted his head tonight. Moving both legs and lifted his head again. Amazing.
Anonymous Client
Thank you, Matthew, I was with you yesterday in the Ardboyne Hotel, I had a sore shoulder and neck. The pain is completely gone. Thanks again, you are the best.
Anonymous Client


Grace, can you thank Matthew, I was in some pain and had relief too over the last few days, I would be interested in hearing about a programme, thank you.
Anonymous Client


All I can say is this man has without a doubt an amazing ability to heal. I was diagnosed 6 years ago with chronic fatigue and neuropathy and Mathew has helped me a great deal. For me it was an experience that will stay with me forever and if anyone is thinking of going to see him, I would absolutel...

y recommend him. He has without doubt a very special gift.

Aisling Ferris


She is doing really well saying the rosary every night and is getting more vocal as well, so she is doing great, thank God.
Just an update, my granddaughter said mom-ee and Daddy, wow, last Friday after speaking to yea and again she said mom-ee to her mother during the week.  
Anonymous Client
Hello Matthew and Grace, since Monday xxx has been better behaved he was at the swimming pool yesterday evening and usually gets very upset when its time to go home but yesterday his Dad told him he was allowed 5 to jump 5 more times and then home, after the 5th jump, he got out o...

f the pool himself and no tantrum. Going to bed and taking him off the iPad has also been easier. He also seems to be saying a wee bit more. Thank you so much, this is a great improvement.

Anonymous Client
Hi, just wanted to give you an update on xxx, he has come out of his shell a little bit, he has rocking horse at home that makes noise and he has always been scared to sit on it but that day after his session with Matthew, he sat on it and laughed and smiled while he played with it, which is out of ...

his character for him with that toy in particular because he never had much interest in it before.

Anonymous Client
I was guided to Matthew for Ciana, a grandchild of mine been nonverbal and who is now very intellectually verbal, thank God and Our Blessed Lady for her speech.
Bernadette Maughan
My grandchild had a session with Matthew Lennon Healer today, she is presenting in autism spectrum, and within minutes or two she looked at Matthew and said nice teeth while rubbing her teeth while rubbing her own teeth with her finger, that’s the first time she has ever put two words together, am...

azing amazing.

Bernadette Maughan
I noticed a big difference in my children after both sessions. My son who is nonverbal said mama an hour after the first session and my daughter is doing wonderful in school and her anxiety has gone away. That wasn’t the case last school year! He definitely cares and is passionate about helping pe...


Anonymous Client
Thank you! I also wanted to mention that 30 min after the Healing session my son came over and said mama to me. He hasn’t said mama in months! Incredible!
Anonymous Client
Children’s Health Treatme My son Daniel is 5 years old. He has had difficulty with his speech since he was a toddler. He has been attending Speech and language therapy since he was 2years and 4 months old. With time, his speech delay resolved but in the last 8 months he develop...

ed a stammer. There is little speech and language can do for him at this young age, only monitor his progress. In recent weeks, his stammer became significantly worse. Daniel received healing from Matthew and Grace 2 weeks ago and to this day, Daniel has very little to no stammer. As a parent, all I want is the best for my child and I am genuinely in awe of the healing he received and the improvements it made. I can’t thank you enough Matthew and Grace. X  

Forgot to say his speech is coming along very well, he is saying new words to trying to say them which is amazing.
Anonymous Client
Hi folks, apologies for the delay in messaging you back. Xxx has been speaking alot more and has a good few more words since Matthew done the healing, we're delighted. Yes, we can surely he's doing great, he's using his words more & we're hearing new words along with words we hadn't heard in a wh...

ile. I feel its helping him with his speech and in his confidence in speaking it's a lovely change in our little man.

Anonymous Client
All good xxx is doing really really well and in great form it's like a different girl a lot more outgoing and a big change in herself will sit down beside you!! Kind of moved from bottles!! She will play with water which she loves to hear the noise of running water so she's doing very good, started ...

back swimming x

Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew and grace just a little update on xxxx after her fourth seasons!! She was not saying any words at all but after her sessions she is now saying dada the baba, they are getting very clear!! A lot more eye contact and when wants something she will take you by the hand and bring you. She is l...

istening to what people are saying and when you call her name, she will react to it xx great progress.

Anonymous Client
Ah that is incredible news. We have first-hand experience with Matthew healing our son as well. He was nonverbal and now he can talk rings around us.
Hi, we are Actually seeing improvement today, sleep is better and I got a hug and 'l love u' and it was in context.
Anonymous Client
I would highly recommend Matthew and Gracie. They have been working with my 7-year-old son who is preverbal for about 2 months now and in that time, he has started to attempt more words and as the weeks pass some of the words are getting clearer. His understanding has really improved too. He also h...

ad fluid in his ears and since Matthew worked on him its completely healed. We had him back at the specialist last week and he has perfect healthy ears. We have just booked more sessions and are looking forward to seeing more improvements. Thank you, Matthew, and Gracie, for the work ye do.

Michelle Kenny
An update on xxx Since Friday xxx seems to be giving people little more eye contact also saying dada and trying to get few more words out!!
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew and Grace. Just a little update on xxx. He had a good week. We have had a few new word approximations and he is really trying to talk to us. He is chatting away all the time.
Anonymous Client
Hi, just wanted to say my child is improving, her eye contact is so much better . . and she repeat few words more. I would need more sessions please .. and also her fungal infection is getting better she is not touching there or crying, it’s like a miracle thank you.
Anonymous Client
Definitely seen an improvement in speech, so trying to get the words our more, so hopefully things keep improving. Thanks so much.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew and Grace, Hope ye are well and had a nice Easter. Just wondering can I book a session for xxx He is having a good week. We had some clear words.
Anonymous Client
Hey grace, xx is doing great thank God. He is coming out with a new word or 2 every week now. He is in such great form, he is delighted with himself as he knows he is making progress and we celebrate every new word as if we’ve won d lotto.. Haha but he is doing so well.
Anonymous Client
Our 3yr olds ASD update. Diagnosed between level 2 & 3. I would like to say a massive thank you for the ongoing progress my 3yr old is constantly making. Because without you, we wouldn't be at the stage we are. Before we started with Mathew and Gracie, he was nonverbal. Now he attempts every word ...

we say. He's so happy now to greet people, whereas before, he wouldn't tolerate anyone in his company. He's so outgoing now, the difference is shocking!! He makes constant eye contact now. He can express himself perfectly, which drastically lowered his meltdowns. He counts 1-100 forwards and backwards. 100-1000 in hundreds, now learning his words. He constantly hugs and kisses us now, seeking affection that's an unbelievable change. He blows us away everyday with something new! In only a couple of months he made all this progress, with Mathew's and Gracie’s help. Since we seen Matthew his whole world has opened up.

Anonymous Client
Thank you, Matthew and Grace, for working with my son. He had very poor eye contact and is nonverbal but since our sessions started, he is engaging more with us, his eye contact has greatly improved, and he is making sounds a lot more frequently. This is amazing progress in such a short time. Thank ...

you again I look forward to seeing what else he can achieve with your help.

Anonymous Client
I just want to write a quick thank you message here to Matthew and Grace who have been working with my 7 year old son with autism in a few weeks he has gone from nonverbal to speaking a few words and improving everyday he is also a lot more engaged and aware of everything he is doing and a lot more ...

aware of his own emotions and were excited to see how much more he improves in the coming weeks he is a much happier boy already cant thank ye enough for your amazing work.

Trevor Maxi Maxwell
Matthew & Gracie, I hope all is well? Just a little update. We can't thank you enough for what you have done for our son. It’s hard to believe this time 2 years ago he was nonverbal, now he is doing speech and drama & talking nonstop. it truly is a miracle. You have given him a life changing gift ...

that no amount of money can buy as no medical treatment could help. Forever grateful.

Anonymous Client
I would like to say a massive thank you for all your help, Matthew, and Grace. My son is 3 and is autistic. My son has become very attentive to my 9mt old, which he never acknowledged until now. Before our sessions he could not tolerate food spilled on his clothing, face, or hands, now he loves a hu...

ge mess, and he completely interacts and responds when we talk to him and call him now. He started his sessions with Matthew nonverbal and now he has a minimum of 30 words, possibly more after 2 sessions. His whole look has changed, he has such a beautiful curious look on his face and much more confident. He stopped eating before we seen Matthew, and now is trying foods he would never touch previously. He has completely hit all his tasks for his progress plan. My son’s digestive system has 100% improved. It was getting to the point it was 1 meltdown after another, that has decreased from 100% all the way down to 1%. The change is phenomenal, we can't thank you enough, to hear his little voice is priceless. The random things he says brings shock, smiles, and giggles to everyone. To watch him praise his voice is priceless. The random things he says brings shock, smiles, and giggles to everyone. To watch him praise himself every time he says a new word is mesmerising. Hels making fantastic progress in his speech, that even he recognises it and is not frustrated anymore. We are forever grateful and will definitely be having more sessions with you. A massive Thank you from a very happy mum and daddy.

Anonymous Client
Her speech was very little, no words she tried were very near impossible to understand with exception to mama and daddy, she now has more than 60 plus words, she is now 2yrs 6months old. She was with Matthew 3 times, amazing, amazing improvement, she is definitely going back to meet you again, we ar...

e so thankful for the healing you gave her.

Anonymous Client