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I was given bread that was not glutten free on Thursday, I have Coeliac disease and I have been in agony since with my stomach pain and diarrhoea. The kidney pain has been happening for a few weeks and got worse from Thursday. I fell asleep sometime after your video was over and have just go...

t up to go to the bathroom, no pain in my kidneys still and I can take a deep breath. I am amazed and thankful to you Matthew, long may it continue.

Anonymous Client
Good morning to you both, just a quick update, I’m doing much better my output has started again!! I’ve pulled out of a hugh stressful situation which should have been a happy situation. So with your help and pulling from that situation has definitely turned.
Annoymous Client
Highly recommend Matthew Lennon, he is an amazing Healer. He has done healing for me a few times over the years and it was amazing. I recently had a worrying health problem where I was passing blood. I was very anxious but I also had an UTI. After a few healing sessions with Matthew the bleeding d...

ecreased significantly and last few days has stopped completely. I’m so relieved thank God. I have great faith in Matthews divine healing. So if you have faith, open mind and open heart to receive the healing, it will benefit you greatly. Matthew and Grace are amazing and both so lovely. They put you at ease and I find great comfort from those sessions. Thanks Matthew & Gracie.

Catherine Hogan
I contacted Matthew and Gracie regarding my friends daughter (3 years old) who was very ill in ICU, she was on a ventilator & the Doctors weren't fully sure what was wrong with her as she suddenly became ill. She was also in renal failure. Today she off the ventilator & sitting out on her parents kn...

ees She is making a miraculous recovery. Matthew & Gracie made lots of contact with me over the last week regarding this little girl. An Update On The Miracle Girl…She is getting out of hospital Friday no more dialysis needed ????She was so ill and to recovery with no long-term damage is amazing it really is the power of pray.

I contacted Matthew and Gracie regarding my friends daughter (3 years old) who was very ill in ICU, she was on a ventilator & the Doctors weren't fully sure what was wrong with her as she suddenly became ill. She was also in renal failure. Today she off the ventilator & sitting out on her parents kn...

ees She is making a miraculous recovery. Matthew & Gracie made lots of contact with me over the last week regarding this little girl. I have worked with Matthew and Gracie in the past regarding my own kids as they suffered with kidneys problems, and we also received great results. We will be forever grateful that's things are really on the up for the little girl and her family. Thank you as always Matthew and Gracie. An Update On The Miracle Girl… She was out sitting on her parent’s knees today imagine after 10days of your treatment. She is now sitting up eating chips watching cartoons today.

I have been having healing with Matthew for a good outcome with a smear test. I hadn’t had one for eight years and was experiencing recurring kidney infections & some abnormal bleeding. I was extremely worried & anxious. Today I received fantastic news, the smear test results were all clea...

r. I am so grateful to Matthew for his miraculous healing. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing your incredible gift.

I have been having healing with Matthew for myself & my son. I was suffering badly with kidney infection which I couldn’t shift, Matthew’s healing has completely cleared this. I also suffer with really terrible Anxiety, so bad it was making me ill, I had a session with Matthew last night & I cou...

ld almost feel all the stress leaving my body & have felt so calm and positive today. He has a beautiful sense of calm and has helped me greatly. My son was having a lot of difficulty with anxiety also, he is 6 years old and has some communication and sensory issues. Since seeing Matthew only once on video call, he has made massive improvements. His anxiety is far less, he is calm, and his communication & interaction skills are improving every day, he is doing fantastic! I would highly recommend Matthew & Grace, they are incredible people, so kind and caring. I hope to see you again soon. Thank you so much. x

Kerrie McLellan
Hi, Matthew and Grace, I had a WhatsApp video call with Matthew on Monday evening, and so glad and so so appreciate you both, I was waiting on hearing back from the doctor, I rang the doctor today, asking was my blood results back, they said yes, but we will get the nurse or doctor to get on to yo...

u, with results of blood and blood pressure, so I waited patiently, thinking of you both, praying and hoping all would be ok, at about 6:00, this evening shaking answering the phone to the doctor, for him to tell me all your bloods are fine and your blood pressure, I have had cholesterol high since 201 5, and maybe vitamin D or iron low, at times, down through the years, but even the doctor said, your cholesterol has never been this low and I don't need medication, he said if I'm back again some time, to get my blood pressure checked or check it at home, but it's fine, while he was talking I was thinking of you both, I really want to thank you both, so so much, Matthew you do amazing work, this is twice you have helped me, I cried with my daughters after, it was such a relief and so happy, A massive thank you to you both and Matthew, God bless you and your amazing work, Thank you, Thank you,

Anonymous Client
Matthew has been helping me with my 2 kids my 3-year daughter has kidney reflux which involves recurring UTIs Rachel has been UTI free since my video calls with him and Gracie. Also a month ago my baby had 2 UTI’s s my GP was concerned he had kidney reflux too. Kevin had a renal ultrasound, and hi...

s kidneys are perfect, and he does not have kidney reflux. Thank ye both for your help.

Geraldine McGovern
Went to see Matthew a couple of times now and I have to say the 1st time I seen him, I was in so much pain with my feet, I hadn’t got a good night’s sleep in about 3 years the pain was so bad. I could not believe just one visit to him, and I got total relief. I could not recommend him enough for...

all the hard work he does in my eyes, he is my God.

Lisa Sheridan
So today was a very strange day and a miracle day because not only has the liver transplant went well for 9.5 hr operation but my sister in laws dad was on home kidney dialysis and he got a 5am, we reckon it was the same donor an also xxx got a call to say her tumour in lung has shrunk dramatically ...

and it’s not in Lymph nodes anymore. Whatever you have done through me to get to I feel has went to xxx also. Today is a very emotional day. would love to see you not alone to say thank you for her son but for herself also.

Anonymous Client
After my session on Friday, I have greatly improved. Still sweating on and off. No pain or pressure in my right kidney. No cough or temperature. The feeling of low blood pressure not as bad. Just feeling tired. Thank you.
Anonymous Client


Had a session with Matthew Lennon last Monday for a very debilitating knee injury, I could not bend or straighten my knee, there was a lot of swelling. A week later and I’m a lot more mobile and the swelling is subsiding.
Anonymous Client
I would highly recommend Matthew Lennon, first time I went to Matthew was about 3 yrs ago in Tullamore Court Hotel for a healing on a very painful right knee that I couldn’t even kneel on, and I can honestly say I never looked back. in more recent times I had great video healing sessions for a c...

hronic cough that I had for months, couldn’t sleep at night and no medication worked. After a few sessions of video calls I'm very much improved, I can cope much better and I'm sleeping much better will still have a few more sessions of Matthew's wonderful healing. I have had severe back pain for weeks and was in agony after a few Sessions with Matthew I'm now pain free and not suffering every day as I did. As a health care worker I need my back to be pain free to be able to do my job every day in the community. I'm so grateful to Matthew for the great video calls, they are really relaxing and peaceful. if you open your heart and mind to Matthew's great healing work, you will receive the wonderful benefit of healing. highly recommend this man and I'm looking forward to my next video healing session. Also big thank you to Gracie, such a lovely lady, Matthew’s assistant.

Catherine Hogan
Delighted to say, I had a session with Matthew last week, following an accident I have been in tremendous pain especially with my knees. I have much more movement in them now and a lot less pain. Matthew did say it will take more than 1 session with the impact my body took, and I will definitely be ...

booking again.

Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Grace, I am definitely improved but still catching me on certain movements. I’m sure you’re busy with more serious ailments.
Anonymous Client
Good afternoon Matthew and Grace my knee is much better today I feel the heat coming true and I am able to move around much better today God Bless you both.
Anonymous Client
Matthew helped myself and my husband, I asked Matthew to help my knee as I had a very bad fall… Wow, I have no inflammation and pain since. Thank you, Matthew, you are truly amazing.
Anonymous Client
I went to Matthew for Pain in my knee, could hardly going into see him. Walked out pain free, would know when his open days will be on again.
Anonymous Client
Hi, since last Friday night, I have improved. While I do not have pain in my knee, it is sore. I can turn right and left without what seemed like nerve pain. I can climb a stairs as normal. Thanks very much for your help.
Anonymous Client
Matthew helped myself and my husband, l asked Matthew to help heal my knee as l had a very bad fall, WOW l have no inflammation and pain since. Thank you, Matthew you are truly amazing xx
Lisa Bracken McGrath
I was yesterday on open day in Mayo. After leg injury (hamstrings partial tearing) 18 months ago, I'm pain free for the first time without the painkillers. No 'stabbing' pain under my knee while walking or easy stretching and I can walk better and faster. I wil...

l book private appointment for sure. I strongly recommend.

Slava Cicakova