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Thanks for that BTW, remember I sent you a picture of my nephew xxx He had a nasty thing on his neck from an ingrown hair, we thought he would have to go for surgery but now it was completely gone within two weeks and the consultant was amazed there was zero mark left as he had to go back for a chec...

k-up. Thanks so much to Matthew for his healing.



Matthew, let God keep you safe, people like you, should live forever, we need you. You are really giving us a second, happy life ... I experienced it personally???????? Thank you for healing.
Józef Polska
Hi Matthew and Grace, just a wee update on how I am feeling… My hands are a lot better just a little pain now and again at my wrist. My pain in my back and lungs is almost gone and no more rash appeared. I don’t feel as tired… So I am going in the right direction. Thanks once again.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew/ Gracie, here-was talking to you on Monday 29th. Just to let you know since Monday I have better movement in my right leg-fluid seems to be gone. Didn't have pains as such but both my wrists and hands seem weak when using them. Had no junk but am drinking more water than usual. Thanks
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Grace, I just want to thankyou so much for what you have done for me. I had an accident cutting steel which I lost part of my finger down as far as the first joint. Rushed to the doctor, got it bandaged up. That night, I went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night and Matthew cam...

e into my mind. I said, I would ring him first thing in the morning. Rang Matthew and told him what had happened, he said “your finger will be alright”. I even felt great after talking to him. I knew my finger was going to be ok. I had no pain, no throbbing or anything. When I went to get the first bandage of, the nurse said to me” its healing already”. I felt great, now my finger has healed. Thank you, Matthew & grace. God bless.

Anonymous Client
Thanks for last night Matthew…and I am sure Gracie wasn’t far away. Very powerful that was. I got great relief…my shoulder is pain free, no pins and needles in my hands this morning. My verrucae’s are getting better since I seen you first. I feel very lucky to have you guys, thank you. My ...

clients who have learning difficulties were very relaxed from the session. We are keeping it up today with prayers, asking for healing because they all have pains of some kind. Thanks again, chat soon. God bless you two.

Anonymous Client
Thank you so much Matthew for today, the swelling of my arthritis in my hands has gone down a lot after seeing you today. I have had no sinus problems at all today. Thanks to you, you really are fantastic at healing.
Anonymous Client


Hi Matthew, we spoke on Wednesday about my migraines. I haven’t had it since thank God. I have been suffering from migraines for 50 years.
Anonymous client
I had a damaged ruptured spleen 9 weeks ago and I had a video call twice with Matthew and so far so good, I am doing brilliant and my bleed has stopped. Will continue with a few more healings. Matthew has taken my bad headaches away, really find this man unbelievable. Thank you again Matthew and Gra...


Anonymous Client
I have listened into a couple of Matthew’s healing sessions with great results with aches, pains and even veins in my legs have almost gone. Last Saturday night my wife and I both tuned into Matthew’s healing session, and she also got healing with pains, sinus, headaches which are all much bette...

r now. Cannot but recommend Matthew, he truly has a gift of healing.

John Ryan
Matthew just want to say thank you thank y for your magnificent and miraculous powerful healing and recommended Matthew. He is doing video healing with me helping with my terrible headache on the left side every day, my mood down, no energy and with depression but after my first healing my headache ...

less, mood fantastic and feeling happy and more energy . Thanks Grace for your help too . I live or Canada

Mony Bello
Thank you, Matthew & Grace, I am 100% since our Video Call Appointment. Feedback for you both since my healing, don’t need meds, ever so grateful, like a new woman. No headaches, great appetite, sleeping great, mood fantastic, feeling great & happy. I’m like a new woman. Much gratitude to amazin...

g Grace & miracle Matthew. Thank you so so much. God bless.

I was diagnosed with a New Daily Persistent Headache 7.5 years ago having my baby. Last week, was probably the worst I have been in years, so I made an appointment with Matthew. Under the current situation, I had a video healing session, and it worked a treat. I went from holding my head upright to ...

ease the pain to been able to function after one session. This has made my life so much more bearable. Thank you, Matthew,

Anonymous Client

Hearing Loss

My son had good news from the eye and ear hospital. His eardrum is not perforated after all, even though the GP initially said it was. We’re delighted.
Helen C
Took my mother and father to Matthew Lennon today in Clanree Hotel in Letterkenny. Words cannot express my gratitude to this man. My father went in with no hearing in one ear and 40% hearing in the other ear. He came out with his hearing aid in his pocket leaving. The care and attention he gave to m...

y mother was second to none. She suffers with Alzheimer’s. He was so gentle and patient with her. Highly recommend this man and his assistant they were so good to us today.

Cait Kerins


We would highly recommend Matthew and Gracie Our Dad had an operation a few months back which wasn’t straight forward and had a few set backs including ongoing bleeding and visits back to hospital and it really took its toll on him He had no energy no appetite and had ...

lost alot of weight . I contacted Gracie as we were all so worried about him and didn’t know how to help him . Matthew and Gracie set up a healing program for him and after each video call we could see an improvement in him and by the end of the program the different in him was amazing .He is a different man now 😀Thank you so much from my dad and all the family .we really appreciate all that you do Matthew and Gracie . 🙏💜

Hi Gracie, hope you and Matthew are well. Xx was in Dublin last week with his cardiologist. She is happy that he is still doing well, his pulmonary value has narrowed just the wat it needed to keep him balanced. Thankfully, he is still putting on weight, he is over 7kg.
Annoymous Client
Hi, when I contacted you, I had an enlarged irregular heart beat & heart failure. When I went for my eco check today, they could not find any signs of heart failure or enlarged heart. Thank you Matthew for your healing, you do great work.
William McBride
Hi Grace, all good news. I am still sleeping well, my circulation feels better, I feel warmer but the cherry on the cake is that since I had the heart attack, I could not walk upstairs without having to stop for breath at every step and needed to have a seat when I got to the top and today, I walked...

16 steps without stopping, like WOW, I thought that would never happen, I am telling everyone now, I just have to lose weight, I have gained because of sitting so much, I am so thrilled.

Anonymous Client
Very good today , thank you . He a good colour & oxygen levels are good. They didn’t do any work on him today and will attempt the procedure tomorrow at lunch time so please god all goes well and he won’t need surgery. He said today that he found himself getting better during the night last ...

night. I would imagine that was when Matthew had completed healing! He is a wonderful man.

Anonymous Client
Our baby girl was diagnosed with a lot of complications after being born premature at 31 gestational weeks,, we were told she had multiple vsds in her heart an two larger hole between the chambers which would be operable at a later stage in her life but her heart muscle was also extremely thickened ...

which was the specialists main concern as he said it can not be treated that we just needed to hope it gets no thicker and block her blood flow in her heart ,, she had a mri that confirmed she has polymicrogyria and hydrocephalus and chromosome testing that confirmed Cri Du Chat syndrome, she has a spastic kidney and poor muscle tone, all this put together he doctors advised us to turn off Her breathing support as the most caring thing to do as she would have no quality of life , that she would never walk ,talk, swallow breath unaided or even think for herself and have severe seizures or epilepsy , we were distraught and couldn’t comprehend how this could be all true , then we heard about Matthew and his healings and got in contact,, after two sessions we see a vast improvement in our baby girl , she is sucking her dummy , moving her arms and legs and reacting to our voices ,, her latest eye exam came back normal and her latest heart echo showed her heart improved a great deal , the vsd s are still there but show to be closing and the large hole has reduced in size but most amazingly is the thickened muscle is starting to decrease ???????????? ,, she has become more stable and the fluid in her brain has stabilised on a follow up cranial scan , we have found hope again through Matthew and continue to work with him to get our warrior princess home for Christmas .

Hi Grace & Matthew hope you are both well my sister is pregnant and just got a scan which showed fluid gathering around baby's heart and lungs they have another scan on Monday. I was wondering would you have any appointments late tomorrow night or Sunday. Thank you for taking the time to talk...

to me & do a healing session on Sunday. We had our scan on Monday and got really positive news, everything appears to be ok with baby. We are back in 3 weeks for a follow up scan and hoping for more good news. Thanks again

Anonymous Client
Thank you very much Matthew and Gracey for your time with doing a video healing with my mum who had a very rapid heartbeat and since her 1st healing she's feeling a lot better and with her second healing her heart beat is now back to normal and please god it will stay like that she feels a lot bette...

r in herself and can do much more now that she could in the last couple of months thanks to Ur healing gift the amazing work u do. And also thanks to Gracey who has been so kind off getting back to me and organising these healings thanks for your time, God bless.

AnnMarie Burke
Hi Matthew & Gracie, I want to thank you for the help you have given me. A number of months ago, I attended your clinics suffering from serious health problems. I collapsed @ work after suddenly developing seizures, cardiac problems (pain in my chest 7 palpitations.) I also suffered severe short...

ness of breath together with panic attacks. I was admitted to hospital, and I was released with no confirmed diagnosis, but the symptoms persisted until I attended your clinics. After your treatment, I am back to work and my condition has cleared. I am extremely grateful for the help you have given me. I would highly recommend you to anyone suffering.

This man is amazing, and I have no doubt he will help you. Have faith go to see him Don’t wait any longer. Personally he has done wonderful things for me. After 17years my leaking valve...

is getting better. Dislocated shoulder almost back to normal as well. Thank you, Matthew and Gracie. Don't let the keyboard warriors stop you. Do it now.

Gerry Ralph

Heel & Heel Spur

Hello, I visited Matthew in October 2004 regarding a problem with my heel which I had endured and sought help unsuccessfully for about a year. I entered his surgery in Hollywood, C. Down and as soon as he set eyes on me declared that the problem stemmed from my lower back. He worked vigorously on th...

e area for what seemed a long time and the end result was amazing and 2 days later I was on Slieve Donard summit. I am 68 years old and have enjoyed a high level of fitness this last 10 years hiking all over the British Isles and much further afield. However, this problem has returned this year.

Anonymous Client
My daughter had an online appointment with Matthew on Friday morning. She has been suffering with severe heel pain for 8 months. Walking and even standing became extremely painful. Since her session with Matthew her pain has reduced considerably, and she was able to walk bare foot without pain for t...

he first time in months. She is delighted. She is looking forward to another session and is feeling positive for the first time in a long time! Thank you to Matthew and Grace!

Mary O Brien
I had an online session with Matthew yesterday. I have had severe heel pain for 8 months. Since the session yesterday, my pain has considerably reduced, and I walked bare foot without pain for the 1st time in months. Today, the pain is still greatly reduced. I’m looking forward to the next session...

and I’m feeling positive for the 1st time in a long time! Thanks a million Matthew and Grace!

Anonymous Client


The pain across my lower back has disappeared.. not a bit surprised 😊 the incisional hernia which was protruding a lot the last couple of weeks is just about flat, can’t even feel it, the relief, you have no idea, thanks a million guys.
Contacted Matthew and Grace about a really bad flare up of diverticulitis. I had been hospitalised with quite bad infection. Once I stopped taking antibiotics it started again. I didn't want to continue in that vein. After that first session I haven't had any bleeding, my energy levels are so much b...

etter, sleeping better than I have in 2 years. A hernia that was quite painful. NO pain at all. Am calmer too. Didn't realise how anxious I had become. Feel great now. So blessed, thank you both so much. Worth every penny!

Anonymous Client
Contacted Matthew and Grace about a really bad flare up of diverticulitis. I had been hospitalised with quite bad infection. Once I stopped taking antibiotics it started again. I didn't want to continue in that vein. After that first session I haven't had any bleeding, my energy levels are so much b...

etter, sleeping better than I have in 2 years. A hernia that was quite painful. NO pain at all. Am calmer too. Didn’t l t realise how anxious I had become. Feel great. So blessed, thank you both so much. Worth every penny!

Anonymous Client
Contacted Matthew and Grace about a really bad flare up of diverticulitis. I had been hospitalised with quite bad infection. Once I stopped taking antibiotics it started again. I didn't want to continue in that vein. After that first session I haven't had any bleeding, my energy levels are so much b...

etter, sleeping better than I have in 2 years. A hernia that was quite painful. NO pain at all. Am calmer too. Didn't realise how anxious I had become. Feel great now. So blessed, thank you both so much. Worth every penny!

Anonymous Client

Hiatus Hernia

Hi Matthew and Grace. I wanted to say a huge thank you for easing the pain I went through for months with a hiatus hernia and abdominal pain. Since our healing session I feel so much better. Matthew you are truly gifted, and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. Kindest re...


Hi Matthew and Grace Thank you so much for the healing session and I have also tuned in to your live healing and have even tuned in afterwards as well. Really great news is that I am feeling so much better, and my ulcer has been settled for the past number of days. Thank you, Matthew, for that.
Anonymous Client

Hip Injury

I’m very grateful to Matthew and Gracie. I first contacted them because my grandfather had pain after surgery. He also had problems raising his arms after a bad fall and with his throat. The sessions were online and I was translating for him because we’re in Chile and my grandfather only...

speaks Spanish. I could see that Matthew’s healing was been effective, easing the pain and helping improve his arm’s movement range. I contacted him again later on because I was the one needing help this time. When my cat went missing, I was very upset, got sick and also very tired. I wasn’t sleeping either, but after the sessions with Matthew I had some peace and could sleep. He also offered to send Healing to my cat, so that he could find his way back to me. He had never been outside and it took two months but he is finally back. There are several factors and actions that helped, but I think Matthew’s help and support made a big difference and I am very grateful to him and Gracie. They’re very caring, kind people and I would highly recommend them.

Amalia, Chile
Hi Grace, hope you and Matthew are keeping well… I’m so sorry, I didn’t text you last night as I completely forgot…my nip is a good bit better yesterday and today not as much pain.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Gracie, just to let you know, I slept like a baby last night, never even moved as had no pain in my hips so thank you. Matthew you are an amazing person helping others. Thank God for you both.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Grace, I am definitely improved but still catching me on certain movements. I’m sure you’re busy with more serious ailments.
Anonymous Client
I’ve had a sore right hip for years. I’ve listened to Matthew Lennon (who was recommended by my friend Marion Bonner) so since listening to live healing just before Christmas time my hip pain is gone since then. I would like to thank Matthew Lennon & thank god for this, i will be listening to t...

he next live healing as I’ve asthma & bronchitis since i was a child. (now55).. Have stopped smoking since 1st December 2020. A bit late I know to stop but with the help of God & Matthew Lennon. My lungs will get better.

Ann Mc Mullan
I was very relaxed during the live healing session. I have bursitis in my right hip which is slowing me down. I have planter resists in my right foot and a weakness in my right side. During your session, I had pain in my foot and hip. Thank you for doing these sessions, I really appreciate them and ...

get great benefit.

Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew, just to let you know my mum Anne has had an all clear from her biopsy and feels her hips are walking better. Thank you for your healing.
Anonymous Client
Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say to you Matthew and Grace. I have had pain in my left hip for almost 6 years due to arthritis. I don’t like taking painkillers. I had been following Matthew online for some time hoping I could get to him. But lockdown happened so today I had my first video app...

ointment with Matthew. I got emotional as I honestly felt the pain turn to a tingle and leave. I couldn't believe this would happen on my first appointment, but I have so much belief and faith in Matthew. I do need more appointments and will be making them accordingly. I am extremely happy and pain free. Thank you again.

Anonymous Client
I suffered from a pain in my hip for 7 years, had been to loads of different practitioners, spent loads of money and no relief. I watched a video on Matthew FB page and decided I would make an appointment to see him the following week. Ten minutes after watching I got up of my seat and I knew I felt...

different, the pain was gone.. that was in mid-February now nearly 3 months later still no pain.. just from watching the video.

Pauline Doherty