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Highly recommend Matthew Lennon, he is an amazing Healer. He has done healing for me a few times over the years and it was amazing. I recently had a worrying health problem where I was passing blood. I was very anxious but I also had an UTI. After a few healing sessions with Matthew the bleeding ...

decreased significantly and last few days has stopped completely. I’m so relieved thank God. I have great faith in Matthews divine healing. So if you have faith, open mind and open heart to receive the healing, it will benefit you greatly. Matthew and Grace are amazing and both so lovely. They put you at ease and I find great comfort from those sessions. Thanks Matthew & Gracie.

Catherine Hogan
Hi Gracie and Matthew. Just want to say I’ve seen an improvement in my mum, her bowels are much better. She wants to book again at the end of the month. I will text then. She worries about herself, and the sessions have helped her so much.
Anonymous Client
Was in a lot pain with haemorrhoids over Christmas, listened to one of Matthews videos and couldn’t believe the ease I got from it. I contacted Matthew that night and got a live healing session from him few days later. I can’t thank him enough, since then, I still put his video on every few nigh...

t and sleep like a lamb, his voice is so calming.

Anonymous Client
I visited Matthew yesterday in the Maldron Hotel, Newlands Cross , I suffered with anxiety and IBS since my 1 and half year old was born it put a hold on my life and I thought I would never get out of it , it stopped me from leaving my house , since yesterday I have never felt this good i haven’t ...

felt that anxious feeling I got all day every day and I haven’t had one negative thought about the things that made me feel horrible. Thanks for seeing me Matthew.

Becca McGuirk


Hi, any update for Matthew. I had another U/S this morning. The cavity has reduced in size from 2cm to 5mm. Thank you.
Hi Gracie, my last update to you was not very promising… the family were quite upset coming out of hospital today. The consultant was chatting to them and kept repeating about there been extensive damage to the brain. He had an infection in his bowels and he has an irregular heartbeat. They said i...

f he was healthy enough he'd be a candidate for a pacemaker but he wouldn't be able at the minute. They think he had a stroke on the brain. Now today xxx opened his eyes. It's just a miracle we can't believe it. His wife and brother was sitting beside him on each side of his bed earlier and he was twisting his head looking at both of them and smiling. We're so happy!

Omg, they told Daddy that the infection in the blood is somewhat under control since this morning, I am flabbergasted. Thank you so much Matthew.  
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Grace, just a wee massage to say thanks for the video call the other evening. My son improved nearly straight away and started drinking and eating later that night and slept the whole night and was in great form the next day thanks again ????
Michael C
I would love if you could heal my mother over the phone or in prayer please. My mother got covid last august. Got two major bleeds in lower back. Has had three major operations but at the moment needs to get up and walk in order for wound in tummy to heal. She doesn't have much strength in her legs ...

at all. Hi there, just to let you know Mammy took 8 steps today with help. Her right leg felt good and strong. Mammy is great, less fluid on her knee and more strength in her legs too. Her wound seems to be healing well and there are telling us her blood levels are good. Thank you. If I fell mammy needs more healing, I will get back to you. Thank you so much. Thank you Matthew for your healing.

Anonymous Client
Teeth are improving well! I notice my gums feeling different the other day and were a pale pink in colour when I looked – a lot less red and inflamed looking than they have been. The front ones seem to have improved a lot. The back ones have the most recession and inflammation so they’re slower ...

to get back to normal.

I would highly recommend Matthew. I brough my 6-year-old son to him as he kept getting eye infections and got bad scarring as a result. Since seeing Matthew he hasn’t had an infection since, and the scarring is almost gone. So thanks again, Matthew & Gracie.
Alice Frazer
Truly believe in Matthews healing about four year ago I took my little boy to see him  a couple of times  my child was very sick at the time on our last visit I was very sick myself with a ongoing condition constant antibiotics and hospital every other week was going on for years  and I never tol...

d him but he asked me could he bless me as I was leaving and he did and from that day it vanished and never returned completely healed this man is amazing cannot give him  enough praise ????????

Annemarie Kerrigan


Thanks Gracie, I felt energy going into my back during the nights sleep last night and my back is perfect today. Blessings to yourself & Matthew.
Jim St John
I would highly recommend Matthew Lennon, first time I went to Matthew was about 3 yrs ago in Tullamore Court Hotel for a healing on a very painful right knee that I couldn’t even kneel on, and I can honestly say I never looked back. in more recent times I had great video healing sessions for a c...

hronic cough that I had for months, couldn’t sleep at night and no medication worked. After a few sessions of video calls I'm very much improved, I can cope much better and I'm sleeping much better will still have a few more sessions of Matthew's wonderful healing. I have had severe back pain for weeks and was in agony after a few Sessions with Matthew I'm now pain free and not suffering every day as I did. As a health care worker I need my back to be pain free to be able to do my job every day in the community. I'm so grateful to Matthew for the great video calls, they are really relaxing and peaceful. if you open your heart and mind to Matthew's great healing work, you will receive the wonderful benefit of healing. highly recommend this man and I'm looking forward to my next video healing session. Also big thank you to Gracie, such a lovely lady, Matthew’s assistant.

Catherine Hogan
He is brilliant, my husband couldn’t walk for a while we brought him to Matt he walked out never looked back. Thank God.
Anonymous Client
Delighted to say, I had a session with Matthew last week, following an accident I have been in tremendous pain especially with my knees. I have much more movement in them now and a lot less pain. Matthew did say it will take more than 1 session with the impact my body took, and I will definitely be ...

booking again.

Anonymous Client
The only injury that they are worried about is the head. All they have said is that he had a few bleeds in his head and that fracture from the front to the back on the left side when we first got here. they said they don't know what damage was done   until Shane wakes up and we can see how he is. ...

They have just been trying to keep down swelling by keeping him asleep and all the scans so far have suggested that they have done this..His numbers are all good today and he is calm and relaxed all day .. so it is not until they wake him that we will know the effect of the injury to the brain.

Hi Grace, hope you and Matthew are keeping well… I’m so sorry, I didn’t text you last night as I completely forgot…my nip is a good bit better yesterday and today not as much pain.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Grace, I am definitely improved but still catching me on certain movements. I’m sure you’re busy with more serious ailments.
Anonymous Client
Matthew helped myself and my husband, I asked Matthew to help my knee as I had a very bad fall… Wow, I have no inflammation and pain since. Thank you, Matthew, you are truly amazing.
Anonymous Client
I went to Matthew for Pain in my knee, could hardly going into see him. Walked out pain free, would know when his open days will be on again.
Anonymous Client
Thank you so much Matthew and Gracie. I have had this slipped disk in my back for years and I can’t believe that it’s actually gone. I feel no pain at all. I was in pain 24/7 in my back and going down through my leg. I am in complete shock that it has gone. Thank you so so much for this I can’...

t thank you enough. It is a big relief off me now.

Anonymous Client
A very big thank you to Matthew for healing me through God, I am so grateful, my leg pain is gone. I can walk with ease again. I will be forever grateful for your help.
Anonymous Client
A very big thank you to Matthew for healing me through God, I am so grateful, my leg pain is gone. I can walk with ease again. I will be forever grateful for your help.
Anonymous Client
Hi, since last Friday night, I have improved. While I do not have pain in my knee, it is sore. I can turn right and left without what seemed like nerve pain. I can climb a stairs as normal. Thanks very much for your help.
Anonymous Client
Hi guys, just wanted to update on my shin injury. I still can’t believe how well and quickly it’s healed!!! From a 5cm x 2.5cm totally open wound, with absolutely no skin there to stich. Literally down to the bone! To total coverage with new replacement skin! As you know I was really worried. To...

the point I purposely avoided going to hospital as I didn’t have an appetite for probably having to go through with having to have a skin graft procedure! I’ve had a few previous shin injuries although never with missing skin. Those were stitched and took much longer to heal and also left terrible scarring. Amazing work. Absolutely amazing! Worth mentioning my shoulders and psoriasis while I write. Shoulders still totally pain free! So I’m absolutely delighted I came across Mathew before my shoulder reconstruction surgery went ahead! Then lastly my psoriasis has gone from chronic to 99.5% clear. I generally feel much better all round. Less aches and pains to! As if Mathew gave me overall healing! I could easily go on! Thanks again guy’s! Another delighted patient. Regards From Poland.

Matthew helped myself and my husband, l asked Matthew to help heal my knee as l had a very bad fall, WOW l have no inflammation and pain since. Thank you, Matthew you are truly amazing xx
Lisa Bracken McGrath
I contacted Matthew as a family member was given a 5% survival chance. There had been no movement since his accident 3 weeks ago. Since Matthew’s healing treatment, he has moved his feet, his legs & lifted his head tonight. Moving both legs and lifted his head again. Amazing.
Anonymous Client
I was yesterday on open day in Mayo. After leg injury (hamstrings partial tearing) 18 months ago, I'm pain free for the first time without the painkillers. No 'stabbing' pain under my knee while walking or easy stretching and I can walk better and faster. I wil...

l book private appointment for sure. I strongly recommend.

Slava Cicakova
I visited Matthew a few years back after quite a bad accident I was in, and he helped me both physically and mentally after a few visits I could really feel a massive difference in how I felt. I thank you ever so much Matt and your team I would highly recommend you ????
Alan Goff


I want to thank Matthew Lennon for the wonderful healing on Friday night last. I had the best sleep and feeling of being relaxed over the weekend. Thank you for sharing your Healing Gift.
Anonymous Client
Successful treatment for my 1st session. Slept from 10pm to 10am today, best rest, I had in years. Felt cold at first , then a lot of intense heat in my lower stomach, fell asleep halfway through.  
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew and Grace, following your open healing session last night, I slept much better than I had been sleeping in a long while and my shoulder was a little less painful in bed. Thank you.  
Anonymous Client
Hi Gracie, just to say that my son is sleeping very well and is in much better form. Thank you both very very much.
Helen C
Hi Matthew & Gracie, just to let you know, I slept like a baby last night, never even moved as had no pains in my hips, so thank you Matthew. You are an amazing person helping others, thank God for you both.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew and Gracie, just a quick update, definitely sleeping better especially 2nd night was amazing and my anxiety is less, thank you so so much.
Anonymous Client
Was in a lot of pain with haemorrhoids over Christmas, listened to one of Matthews videos and couldn’t believe the ease I got from it. I contacted Matthew that night and got a live healing session from him few days later. I can’t thank him enough, since then, I still put his video on every few n...

ight and sleep like a lamb, his voice is so calming.

Anonymous Client
Hi, during Matthew's last live healing session my partner and I benefited from this healing energy. During the session, we felt relaxed, rested, and rejuvenated. My partner is very stressed, and it causes muscle pain in her upper back, during Matthew's healing session, the pain has disappeared...

and there is hardly anything left. Personally, I had very poor sleep for almost twenty years, and the night after the healing session I slept like a baby and didn't wake up tired. Thank you, Matthew, for your powerful healing energy and your big heart.

Angy and David from France
Watched him live Saturday night, went to bed slept right through till 5 am and then went back to sleep till 7 last two nights, felt great to be honest. Still do. Haven’t slept right in God knows when. Thanks again, can’t wait for next one x
Deborah Morrell
l was in the racket hall Roscrea co Tipperary yesterday to see Matthew Lennon Healer. l went to Matthew to help me with the very bad pains l am having and l could not believe it my pains are gone and l had the best night sleep l have for a long time. l would recommend any one to go to Matthew Lennon...

. l like to thank Matthew for yesterday and l am on my way to see Matthew Lennon healer on this Sunday in mayo.

Carmel Kennedy


Thank you to Matthew & Grace, I did two FT meetings from Florida with M for a skin condition. I had tired everything. Matthew worked with my family, and it helped enormously and gradually went away. He brings you a calm and helpful approach. I put my faith in him, and it worked. Patience is also the...

key. I highly recommend getting in touch with G & M. Thank you.

Anonymous Client
Thank you to Matthew for working on our four-year-olds skin for the past number of weeks. We have seen a huge improvement. Thanks also to Gracie for organising the sessions. Our Little boy really enjoyed the chats we all had. We would highly recommend Matthew’s healing to everyone xx
Anonymous Client
My Son has severe eczema and has had it most of his life. I heard about Matthew and within a week his skin just cleared up and I couldn’t believe it. I would highly recommend and thank you ever so much.
Lisa Kelly
Matthew did a video call with my 9 month old. She had eczema which was sometimes weeping. After one healing her skin is soft and she only has it very mildly on her arms now.. The rest of her body has started to clear.. I hope to. Do one more session with Matthew as I believe one more session will cu...

re her completely.

Shauna Mckeown
I took my 3 year old boy with eczema flare up last Sunday to see Matthew.  This was our third visit. I am so happy with results. I would highly recommend visiting Matthew. I have tried everything over the past 2 years to help with flare ups. I noticed the itching started to ease instantly.  I atta...

ch pictures to show his face last Sunday and then again today to show the improvement.

Maureen O Reilly