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Hi Grace & Matthew, thanks for the healing on Monday. I do feel better today. My energy has improved again, and that heavy congested feeling has eased. Thank you so much.
Anonymous Client
I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 4.5 years ago. I visited Matthew and Grace @ 2.5 years ago. At that time, I was relapsing very frequently. In a two-year period, I had relapsed 6 times, since my visit with Matthew, I have not had one relapse. In the last number of weeks, I was suffering with ...

extreme pain in my legs and fatigue so again I contacted Matthew and had a healing session on video call, by the time our video call finished, the pains in my legs had completely vanished and I felt I could of run a marathon with the energy I had. Matthew & Grace are simply amazing and I highly recommend healing sessions with them, its like a miracle ????

Courine Costello
Hi Matthew and Grace, just a wee update on how I am feeling… My hands are a lot better just a little pain now and again at my wrist. My pain in my back and lungs is almost gone and no more rash appeared. I don’t feel as tired… So I am going in the right direction. Thanks once again.
Anonymous Client
Hi, I was to report back after a couple of days on how I’m feeling, energy has slowly progressed not fully back to normal yet. Stool has hardened & I have less bowel movements. All and all a big improvement. Thanks so much.
Anonymous Client
Thank you, Matthew and Gracie, for all the work you have done so far for my son. When we first met, he was so lethargic that he couldn't even lift his head and was napping about 4 times a day. He was making no noises and would show no emotion and wouldn't engage with anyone. I'm so happy to say that...

he is now able to drop his head and lift back up, he is watching everything and everyone around him and his efforts to communicate with people has come on in leaps and bounds. He also wakes up in the morning with no intentions of taking a nap even after a busy school day.

Anonymous Client
I was in a lot of pain with complications due to crohns disease. Matthew helped me A LOT. You can feel his energy as he works with you. If you’re on the fence about treatment defiantly give him a go, sure what’s the worst that can happen.
John Carty
Hi, during Matthew's last live healing session my partner and I benefited from this healing energy. During the session, we felt relaxed, rested, and rejuvenated. My partner is very stressed, and it causes muscle pain in her upper back, during Matthew's healing session, the pain has disappeared and...

there is hardly anything left. Personally, I had very poor sleep for almost twenty years, and the night after the healing session I slept like a baby and didn't wake up tired. Thank you, Matthew, for your powerful healing energy and your big heart.

Angy and David from France
Matthew, I brought my 4-year-old to you 9 years. ago... He couldn’t walk he had been in hospital, and they had said viral he hadn't slept properly in days when we left your house the child walked out too and slept in his own bed. I couldn't put a price on what you did for us I donated every penny ...

I had in my purse, and it was worth so much more. Many thanks Matthew.

Anonymous Client
Matthew is amazing and a truly gifted man. i went to see Matthew after suffering with M.E for over 16 years. I had been to numerous specialist and doctors and tried all the treatments there was available. nothing really worked. I seen Matthews Facebook page and thought it was too good to be true and...

was very sceptical as I had been to healers in the past which didn’t work. After the three sessions with Matthew I can’t believe how well I feel. It is amazing. Yes it €200 a session but believe me its well worth it to be feeling well again after 16 years.. thank you, Matthew and Grace.

Edel Patton Carty


Hi Matthew and Gracie, yes my endometriosis journey started when I was around 12 or 13 but they just put it down too period pain and all in my head they finally diagnosed it when I was 27 six years ago had two surgeries then but did...

n’t get much relief from them or medication. Had too live-in pain every day and also struggled with infertility had been trying for almost four years until I came across you and started attending your clinics for open days in Enniscrone and the private clinic in Letterkenny. My pain started easing soon as I attended your clinics, and I got the news I always wanted last December I found out I was pregnant and now our little miracle is here. Thank you both so much forever grateful for all your help xx

Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew and Gracie, hope your keeping well. Well with all your help my miracle happened, I will be 37 weeks pregnant this coming Wednesday
Anonymous Client
Thank you so much Matthew for sending distant healing to me for my collapsed lung (tension pneumothorax), I am so incredibly grateful, my doctors have said my lung is restored to full health , I will be eternally grateful, he knew  exactly what caused the ailment without been informed, completely a...

mazed me. He has helped my family and friends with many different things such as, COPD, back complaints, bacterial and viral infections, special needs, a friend who couldn’t conceive with years of trying did and has a healthy little baby, eczema, anxiety to name but a few the list goes on he has an incredible gift.

Anonymous Client
Delighted to give our update and tell you we are officially in our 3rd trimester!! Everything is going well. Size is perfect with 28 weeks. Super excited to be on the home stretch now. Thank you so much Matthew. After almost two years of trying before we got in contact with you. Looking forward to i...

ntroducing you to our little bundle of joy in January.

Anonymous Client
I would highly recommend Matthew and Gracie. What they do for people is unbelievable. We have had healing from Matthew for pregnancy issues, arthritis, and many other things. We've had life changing results. It doesn't matter where in the world you  are, Matthew is there at the other end of a ph...

one waiting to help everyone  that needs it. I couldn't recommend him enough. If I could give 20 stars I would without a doubt.

Glenda McGrail
Can we ever thank you enough Matthew. Just passed our 12-week mark after to conceive for nearly two years! Our little miracle is on its way. There are simply no words for your incredible gift! We will be forever grateful.


Been to Mathew a few times and he has helped me with a crooked foot after back operation and fibromyalgia. Enjoyed the healing the other night. Feel much better the last few days since.  Thank you again Mathew and Gracie. Hopefully you will be back in Dunlavin soon when all this covid is over.
Kay Haslam Grattan
I would and have recommended Matthew his work is just amazing I've been seeing him for a few months for pain and depression of which I feel a different person ♥. And last week I burnt myself and went to see Matthew on Sunday in navan in 4 days and the burn has nearly gone blisters pain all gone am...

azing. Cannot thank Matthew and Grace enough xxxx ♥

Keeley McGee
I saw Matthew yesterday for the first time and i was amazed to say the least. I have suffered chronic pain for 8 years and have had no life for the past 5. This man has a gift that I can’t explain and is real and far from a scam. Don’t knock what you don’t know or understand. I highly recommen...

d him to anyone for any reason. Thank you, Matthew!!

Jennifer Brennan
I have fibromyalgia and have seen Matthew on only 2 occasions, and I can’t believe how much improved I am I can’t and will not be ever able to thank him enough !! He is worth his weight in GOLD xxx Thank you Matthew xxx
Yvonne O Leary
Yes, I recommend Matthew, as he is a great man, he has mighty healing powers. I am going for a while now and am free of pain and many other problems that I had. I would highly recommend him and his right hand woman Grace   ????
Valerie Flynn

Fluid Retention

Morning Gracie, just to update you on xxx. Thank God all his fluid seems to have drained away. The hospital said not to bother coming up Friday as they are happy he won’t need the shunt. They are not sure yet if he will need further treatment but for now we are just delighted he is doing g...

ood. Thanks so much for your help and we will keep in touch.

Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Gracie, had scan yesterday, fluid levels have gone down so good news. Thank you so much. Back up in the clinic again next Wednesday, they are supposed to have a plan on delivery as my due date is next Wednesday.
Anonymous Client
Hi Grace & Matthew hope you are both well my sister is pregnant and just got a scan which showed fluid gathering around baby's heart and lungs they have another scan on Monday. I was wondering would you have any appointments late tomorrow night or Sunday. Thank you for taking the time to talk to m...

e & do a healing session on Sunday. We had our scan on Monday and got really positive news, everything appears to be ok with baby. We are back in 3 weeks for a follow up scan and hoping for more good news. Thanks again

Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew/ Gracie, here-was talking to you on Monday 29th. Just to let you know since Monday I have better movement in my right leg-fluid seems to be gone. Didn't have pains as such but both my wrists and hands seem weak when using them. Had no junk but am drinking more water than usual. Thanks
Anonymous Client
Thank you so much Matthew for sending distant healing to me for my collapsed lung (tension pneumothorax), I am so incredibly grateful, my doctors have said my lung is restored to full health, I will be eternally grateful, he knew exactly what caused the ailment without been informed, completely ama...

zed me. He has helped my family and friends with many different things such as, COPD, back complaints, bacterial and viral infections, special needs, a friend who couldn’t conceive with years of trying did and has a healthy little baby, eczema, anxiety to name but a few the list goes on he has an incredible gift.

Anonymous Client

Foot & Foot Drop

I was very relaxed during the live healing session. I have bursitis in my right hip which is slowing me down. I have planter resists in my right foot and a weakness in my right side. During your session, I had pain in my foot and hip. Thank you for doing these sessions, I really appreciate them and ...

get great benefit.

Anonymous Client
Went to see Matthew a couple of times now and I have to say the 1st time I seen him, I was in so much pain with my feet, I hadn’t got a good night’s sleep in about 3 years the pain was so bad. I could not believe just one visit to him, and I got total relief. I could not recommend him enough for...

all the hard work he does in my eyes, he is my God.

Lisa Sheridan
Thanks for last night Matthew…and I am sure Gracie wasn’t far away. Very powerful that was. I got great relief…my shoulder is pain free, no pins and needles in my hands this morning. My verrucae’s are getting better since I seen you first. I feel very lucky to have you guys, thank you. My ...

clients who have learning difficulties were very relaxed from the session. We are keeping it up today with prayers, asking for healing because they all have pains of some kind. Thanks again, chat soon. God bless you two.

Anonymous Client
My daughter had an online appointment with Matthew on Friday morning. She has been suffering with severe heel pain for 8 months. Walking and even standing became extremely painful. Since her session with Matthew her pain has reduced considerably, and she was able to walk bare foot without pain for t...

he first time in months. She is delighted. She is looking forward to another session and is feeling positive for the first time in a long time! Thank you to Matthew and Grace!

Mary O Brien
I had an online session with Matthew yesterday. I have had severe heel pain for 8 months. Since the session yesterday, my pain has considerably reduced, and I walked bare foot without pain for the 1st time in months. Today, the pain is still greatly reduced. I’m looking forward to the next session...

and I’m feeling positive for the 1st time in a long time! Thanks a million Matthew and Grace!

Anonymous Client
I visited Matthew yesterday for the second time after having surgery in 2018,I was left with five screws in my foot, I was told by the medical professions that I would never run again just about walk properly. Yesterday for the first time in 19 months, I was able to run again, all thanks to Matthew ...

and his healing energy.

Anonymous Client
My Mam was due to have her foot amputated as the medics couldn’t get the infection under control no matter what antibiotic they used. We contacted Matthew and Gracie and the infection cleared up and my mams foot was saved. We will be forever grateful.
Anonymous Client