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My brother had a trapped nerve, but the Doctors were unable to identify it. He was always shouting and screaming with the pain an no doctors could figure out why. He was diagnosed with regional syndrome pain. He was in a very bad way before going to Matt. He is now pain free.
Anonymous Client
Hi Gracie, Matthew told me to let you know how I was after three days. The sciatic pain has decreased a lot, there is still a twinge or dull pain down the leg and pins and needles in the foot, the lower back has a dull pain also. I am going for small walks, the pain has definitely improved in the le...

ft hip are. Thank you.

Anonymous Client
Feeling much better…no pain, just a little stinging pain…Thank you Matthew for your help Friday. You are a genius… Thanks and stay safe.
Anonymous Client
Hi Grace, hope you and Matthew are keeping well…. I’m so sorry I didn’t text you last night as I completely forgot…my hip is a good bit better yesterday and told not as much pain..
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Grace, I am definitely improved but still catching me on certain movements. I’m sure you’re busy with more serious ailments.
Anonymous Client
34 weeks pregnant and suffer with pregnancy sciatic but tonight my left hip went in complete spasm and locked. My partner (6ft) couldn't even lift me and (I'm only 5ft2) I had to hold myself in a sitting position with my fists buried in the couch to support me. I was sobbing with the pain. I got him...

to get in contact with Matthew and slowly the spasm started to ease. I have just limped down to my bed and the pain is easing more with every passing minute. Thank you, Matthew cos I would have been, stuck like that for the night.

Anonymous Client
Been to Matthew a few times and he has helped me with a crooked foot after back operation and fibromyalgia. Enjoyed the healing the other night. Feel much better the last few days since. Thank you again Mathew and Gracie. Hopefully you will be back in Dunlavin soon when all this covid is over.
Kay Haslam Grattan


My daughter became very ill recently after receiving the Bexsero meningococcal b vaccine. I woke in the night less than 10 hours after she received the vaccine to find her eyes rolling back in her head, she was having a seizure, her lips had turned blue. We rushed her to hospital straight away, but ...

the seizures continued for almost a week. I have never been more petrified in my life than I was that week in hospital. Unfortunately my daughter now has epilepsy because of receiving that vaccine and has to take keppra twice daily. When she started keppra it slowed down the seizures but didn’t stop them, so they increased the dose but again she continued to have seizures, so they increased the dose again but the neurologist expected it to take some time before the seizures would stop. I know one of the neurologists expected her to need another anti-seizure medication to stop the seizures but the medication she wanted to use had bad side effects so we asked for some time to allow the keppra to work in hope that by some miracle she would heal. My aunts friend recommended that I contact Matthew for to get a healing done for my daughter. I contacted Matthew last Sunday and luckily, he was free to do a healing via video call in the hospital on Monday, on Tuesday evening the seizures stopped. I know the doctors weren’t expecting them to stop that suddenly as I remember the neurologist saying he didn’t expect to see any change again Wednesday which was the next time he would be seeing us. Words cannot express the weight that lifted off mine or my husband’s shoulders when the seizures stopped. I have seen loved ones suffering and I’ve suffered the loss of loved ones in my lifetime, but nothing has hit me as hard as watching my baby having multiple seizures. I was so scared of losing her, she had that many seizures that I lost track of how many she had. The pain she went through from all the needles being insert for blood tests and IV’s being put in was heart-breaking to watch as was watching her have a lumbar puncture done. I could do nothing to help her all I could do was stay by her side and pray and hope that somehow, she would get better. I hope that no parent has to go through what we went through but sadly after talking to hospital staff I know that we weren’t the first parents to have a child go through this after receiving a vaccine and unfortunately, we won’t be the last. If you find yourself in our shoes or know anyone who ends up there, I would highly recommend you contact Matthew for a healing.

Anonymous Client
Hi Grace, just a little update. D'S seizures have reduced to about 3-4 a day from 9/10 since we last spoke. He also has been attempting more words with me and the evening after our last session he mumbled "leave D.... alone”.
Anonymous Clientc
Hi Matthew and Gracie, just to let ye know that my granddaughter is still doing brill. When she was 3 she started to have seizures, Dr did all the tests and was about to prescribe meds which she would have to take for the rest of her life we brought her to Matthew and after 3 visits she was seizure ...

free she was 12 in August and has never had a seizure since we will always be grateful to you and your divine healing thank you and May God bless you always.

Barbara Meaney
Hi Matthew and Gracie, just to let ye know that my granddaughter is still doing brill. When she was 3 she started to have seizures, Dr did all the tests and was about to prescribe meds which she would have to take for the rest of her life we brought her to Matthew and after 3 visits she was seizure ...

free she was 12 in August and has never had a seizure since we will always be grateful to you and your divine healing thank you and May God bless you always.

Barbara Meaney
Hello Mattie & Gracie, just a quick update on xxx after her second WhatsApp healing with Mattie. Her anxiety and anxious feeling seems to have subsided and she tells me she doesn’t need counselling now. She is also 7 weeks seizure free and feeling well on her medication. I believe this is down...

to all the amazing work you have done with her Mattie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will organise an appointment with you soon please God for some healing for myself. Thank you again.

Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Gracie, I want to thank you for the help you have given me. A number of months ago, I attended your clinics suffering from serious health problems. I collapsed @ work after suddenly developing seizures, cardiac problems (pain in my chest 7 palpitations.) I also suffered severe shortness...

of breath together with panic attacks. I was admitted to hospital, and I was released with no confirmed diagnosis, but the symptoms persisted until I attended your clinics. After your treatment, I am back to work and my condition has cleared. I am extremely grateful for the help you have given me. I would highly recommend you to anyone suffering.



I’m very grateful to Matthew and Gracie. I first contacted them because my grandfather had pain after surgery. He also had problems raising his arms after a bad fall and with his throat. The sessions were online and I was translating for him because we’re in Chile and my grandfather only...

speaks Spanish. I could see that Matthew’s healing was been effective, easing the pain and helping improve his arm’s movement range. I contacted him again later on because I was the one needing help this time. When my cat went missing, I was very upset, got sick and also very tired. I wasn’t sleeping either, but after the sessions with Matthew I had some peace and could sleep. He also offered to send Healing to my cat, so that he could find his way back to me. He had never been outside and it took two months but he is finally back. There are several factors and actions that helped, but I think Matthew’s help and support made a big difference and I am very grateful to him and Gracie. They’re very caring, kind people and I would highly recommend them.

Amalia, Chile
Hi Matthew and Grace, following your open healing session last night, I slept much better than I had been sleeping in a long while and my shoulder was a little less painful in bed. Thank you.  
Anonymous Client
Hey Gracie, just want to let you know my neck and shoulder pain and stifness has improved so much. I still have some pains in legs and arms on and off but overall, I have improved. I’ve been doing as Matthew advised by drinking lots of water too.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew, After having my cancer and nerve damage and severe nerve damage pain in my neck shoulder and arm and getting physio weekly in one session u have made me feel the best I have felt in a long time tha k u so much , also for my osteo arthritis in my spine things have felt great lately the r...

elief of having no pain is great thank you so much

Anonymous Client
Good morning, Grace & Matthew. I am reporting back after 3 days as I had a healing session on Friday. I have been idle since and have taken it very easy. The pain has gone Thank God from across my shoulders & down my right hand. Many thanks for all the help I’ve received.
Michael L
Hi Matthew & Grace, I tuned into your live healing session some time ago and at the time I was experiencing slight pain and discomfort in my left shoulder with limited movement, I've had no such problems since then, I would highly recommend you to anyone.. thank you so much for your time and energy�...


Anonymous Client
I had 2 sessions with Matthew via Zoom. I feel amazing since and the pain in my shoulder seems completely better. Thankyou Matthew and Grace for all your help. I will highly recommend you should anyone be in my position in the future. Thanks again.
Philip Ward
I went to see Matthew and Grace last year in Killarney for recurring neck and shoulder pain, absolutely amazing. I left feeling lighter and so calm, my neck has improved immensely as my shoulder. Matthew and Grace are so welcoming and definitely gifted. Thank you, highly recommended.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Grace, I am definitely improved but still catching me on certain movements. I’m sure you’re busy with more serious ailments
Anonymous Client
Really can't believe how effective Matthew’s work has been. After a skiing accident almost 4 years ago I was all set up for double shoulder reconstruction last October. Luckily the procedure had to be postponed 24 hours prior due to dental problems. Luckily Matthew was recommended so I made a trip...

to Ireland to attend one of his clinics. My initial meeting (one afternoon and following morning) went well but had to be followed up online. Total of 3 sessions and I'm 100% pain free. I couldn't have wished for anything more. Furthermore a few weeks ago I asked Matthew for help with my eyes. Periodic blurred vision. Within two days and until now my vision is absolutely clear. His power is unbelievable. Highly recommended

Edward Landers
I had an online healing with Matthew and Grace a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t believe the great relief from the healing, it helped the pains I was suffering in my arms and shoulders almost immediately. I am looking forward to more healing in the near future.
Sandra Hughes
I have had a shoulder pain for two and a half years going into my neck and could not lift my arm. I also had hip pain and after Matthew Lennon’s live healing session. I am now pain free
Mary Doran
I went to see Matthew and Grace January of last year with recurring neck and shoulder pain that was ongoing for years, after my visit I felt lighter and just so calm, my neck and shoulder have improved immensely. I want to thank Matthew and grace for their kindness and their healing. I would highly ...

recommend Matthew and grace and God bless you both x

Sheila McQuinn
Hello Matthew, my shoulder is a lot better since our video call. Thank you very much for your healing.
Anonymous Client
This man is amazing, and I have no doubt he will help you. Have faith go to see him Don’t wait any longer. Personally he has done wonderful things for me. After 17years my leaking valve is getting better. Dislocated shoulder almost back to normal as well. Thank you, Matthew and Gracie. Don't let t...

he keyboard warriors stop you. Do it now.

Gerry Ralph
Thank you, Matthew, I was with you yesterday in the Ardboyne Hotel, I had a sore shoulder and neck. The pain is completely gone. Thanks again, you are the best.
Anonymous Client
Can't recommend Matthew enough I have known him for 13years or more and he has helped me at different times throughout this period and only last year he helped me with colitis ,but I would also like to say over recent weeks he has helped my daughter via long distance healing within 2 days there was ...

a big change .. she has had to have surgery on her shoulder and only 3 weeks since op she has progressed from lifting her arm from 10% to 60% so once again thanks Matthew and grace for all the great work u are doing xx

Dorothy McGrath


Hi Matthew, thanks for the video call on Wednesday. My sinus and head has improved and been feeling a bit clearer since.
Anonymous Client
I have listened into a couple of Matthew’s healing sessions with great results with aches, pains and even veins in my legs have almost gone. Last Saturday night my wife and I both tuned into Matthew’s healing session, and she also got healing with pains, sinus, headaches which are all much bette...

r now. Cannot but recommend Matthew, he truly has a gift of healing.

John Ryan
Thank you, Matthew, for your healing session last night…I did get relief from my sinus…I hope to attend your clinic someday…Wishing you all the best.
Anonymous Client
Thank you so much Matthew for today, the swelling of my arthritis in my hands has gone down a lot after seeing you today. I have had no sinus problems at all today. Thanks to you, you really are fantastic at healing.
Anonymous Client


Thank you to Matthew & Grace, I did two FT meetings from Florida with M for a skin condition. I had tired everything. Matthew worked with my family, and it helped enormously and gradually went away. He brings you a calm and helpful approach. I put my faith in him, and it worked. Patience is also the...

key. I highly recommend getting in touch with G & M. Thank you.

Anonymous Client
My 6 year old son has also been having healing with Matthew for his communication & interaction skills, his teachers have told me that he is doing fantastic, having full conversations and joining in with the other children. He also had a terrible rash on his neck, it was extremely sore and bleeding,...

it has now completely cleared, skin is as good as new. Thank you so much Matthew & Grace for the fantastic work.

Thank you to Matthew for working on our four-year-olds skin for the past number of weeks. We have seen a huge improvement. Thanks also to Gracie for organising the sessions. Our Little boy really enjoyed the chats we all had. We would highly recommend Matthew’s healing to everyone xx
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew and Grace, just a wee update on how I am feeling… My hands are a lot better just a little pain now and again at my wrist. My pain in my back and lungs is almost gone and no more rash appeared. I don’t feel as tired… So I am going in the right direction. Thanks once again.
Anonymous Client
My Son has severe eczema and has had it most of his life. I heard about Matthew and within a week his skin just cleared up and I couldn’t believe it. I would highly recommend and thank you ever so much.
Lisa Kelly
I had an allergy, a rash covered my body was in and out of hospital for nearly 2 months, steroids, intravenous drips nothing got rid of it, until I went to Matthew. It was cured within a few days. Xx
Anonymous Client
Thank you so much Matthew for sending distant healing to me for my collapsed lung (tension pneumothorax), I am so incredibly grateful, my doctors have said my lung is restored to full health , I will be eternally grateful, he knew  exactly what caused the ailment without been informed, completely a...

mazed me. He has helped my family and friends with many different things such as, COPD, back complaints, bacterial and viral infections, special needs, a friend who couldn’t conceive with years of trying did and has a healthy little baby, eczema, anxiety to name but a few the list goes on he has an incredible gift.

Anonymous Client
I’ve been following Matthew for a while. Had a few problems and went to my Doctor, he treated me but it didn’t work. Got in touch with Matthew and had a few healing sessions from him and had great results. All symptoms gone. Matthew has a wonderful gift and I am so grateful. Thank you.
Angela Crotty
I went to Matthew with a rare skin condition called Urticaria Pigmentosa. Since Matthew began treating me, my condition has improved greatly it practically non-existent now thanks again Matthew. I have witnessed hundreds of healings at Matthews open days, he truly has healing hands.
Anonymous Client
Matthew did a video call with my 9 month old. She had eczema which was sometimes weeping. After one healing her skin is soft and she only has it very mildly on her arms now.. The rest of her body has started to clear.. I hope to. Do one more session with Matthew as I believe one more session will cu...

re her completely.

Shauna Mckeown
I took my 3 year old boy with eczema flare up last Sunday to see Matthew.  This was our third visit. I am so happy with results. I would highly recommend visiting Matthew. I have tried everything over the past 2 years to help with flare ups. I noticed the itching started to ease instantly.  I atta...

ch pictures to show his face last Sunday and then again today to show the improvement.

Maureen O Reilly

Spinal Injury

I brought my now 13-year-old to see Matthew in January 2020 as he had been suffering from migraines for a few years. He has not had one in nearly 19 months now and fingers crossed he won't get one again. My parents and brother have also attended Matthew for healing. My uncle was paralysed after a fa...

lling off a ladder nearly 10 years ago and told he would never walk again. He has attended Matthew several times at open days and can walk a little bit with help. You can check this out under videos. Thank you, Matthew and Gracie,

Pauline Kearns
I contacted Matthew as a family member was given a 5% survival chance. There had been no movement since his accident 3 weeks ago. Since Matthew’s healing treatment, he has moved his feet, his legs & lifted his head tonight. Moving both legs and lifted his head again. Amazing.
Anonymous Client


Successful treatment for my 1st session. Slept from 10pm to 10am today, best rest, I had in years. Felt cold at first , then a lot of intense heat in my lower stomach, fell asleep halfway through.  
Anonymous Client
I was given bread that was not glutten free on Thursday, I have Coeliac disease and I have been in agony since with my stomach pain and diarrhoea. The kidney pain has been happening for a few weeks and got worse from Thursday. I fell asleep sometime after your video was over and have just go...

t up to go to the bathroom, no pain in my kidneys still and I can take a deep breath. I am amazed and thankful to you Matthew, long may it continue.

Anonymous Client
If you are suffering from Chronic Diseases try Matthew Lennon Healer. He can help with that. He helped me with stomach problems. I would highly recommend him for any disease or infection, you won’t regret it. He helps people worldwide. I am in Botswana (Africa).
Boitumelo Sitemaster Brown
I contacted Mathew and Gracie about my daughter who was having stomach pains and problems Doctors were finding it hard to diagnose her . . 2 seasons with Mathew she is no longer vomiting are feeling sick and her tummy pain has finally gone. She is now pain free. She always suffered with constipation...

which wasn’t helping she is now having 1 +bowel movements a day. Thank you for all your prays x

I contacted Mathew and Gracie about my daughter who was having stomach pains and problems Doctors were finding it hard to diagnose her . . 2 seasons with Mathew she is no longer vomiting or feeling sick and her tummy pain has finally gone. She is now pain free. She always suffered with constipation ...

which wasn’t helping she is now having 1 +bowel movements a day. Thank you for all your prays x

Thank you again for the video call Wednesday evening Matthew & Grace. I felt tired straight after the session. Digestive pain has improved over the last few days. My appetite has improved also.
Anonymous Client
I would highly recommend Matthew and Grace to anyone who needs any healing and care. I had 5 weeks of ongoing vertigo & anxiety that the doctors & hospital couldn't get to the bottom of and the medication didn't really help. I was very restricted as I couldn't even sit up without getting very dizzy...

. I got very used to being stuck in my room for weeks and this triggered bad anxiety. I was very lucky to come across Matthew’s website. After 2 sessions I felt the dizziness has eased completely and my anxiety wasn't as bad. I am so grateful for Matthew and Graces healing and help. Thank you, Matthew & Grace,

Bernie Veronica Connolly
I was introduced to Matthew and Gracie by my sister who had been receiving healing from Matthew. I was diagnosed with Glaucoma a few years ago and live in New Delhi, India. My 1st healing was fantastic as Matthew detected a tummy issue which I have and didn’t think it important enough to mention. ...

He healed my eyes and tummy and that night I felt a huge shift in my internal system. Since then, I have had a couple of more healings and have faith I’ll be cured. Thank you, Matthew and Gracie.

Monisha Kalra
Hi Gracie and Matthew. Just want to say I’ve seen an improvement in my mum, her bowels are much better. She wants to book again at the end of the month. I will text then. She worries about herself and the sessions have helped her so much.
Anonymous Client
It's been several months now since I received healing from Matthew Lennon and can happily report that the results have been brilliant to say the least. I never thought that I would be free from gastritis reflux and heartburn but that has been my experience. Matthew Lennon is a very ordinary man with...

an extraordinary gift of healing. long may he continue to use this precious gift for the good of all who need it.

Eamonn Mc Philomey


I would highly recommend Matthew and Gracie. My aunt had multiple strokes nine weeks ago. She was unable to talk, when she tried it was one or two words that made no sense, move or walk, she didnt recognise anyone, we were devastated. I contacted Matthew and Gracie for healing on a Tuesday. ...

The following day a relative who visited her the previous day rang to say, their exact words " I don't know what happened between yesterday and today it must be some kind of miracle she's talking away here"... nobody knew I had contacted Matthew.  Shes home now, which we didnt think we would ever see and improving greatly each and every day.We will be forever grateful to Matthew and Gracie

Anonymous Client
Hi Gracie, my last update to you was not very promising… the family were quite upset coming out of hospital today. The consultant was chatting to them and kept repeating about there been extensive damage to the brain. He had an infection in his bowels and he has an irregular heartbeat. They said i...

f he was healthy enough he'd be a candidate for a pacemaker but he wouldn't be able at the minute. They think he had a stroke on the brain. Now today xxx opened his eyes. It's just a miracle we can't believe it. His wife and brother was sitting beside him on each side of his bed earlier and he was twisting his head looking at both of them and smiling. We're so happy!

An my is in an induced coma last 10 days and kidney failure and also got a stroke. She is now doing great, out of the coma and off the life support, going for dialysis today her walking still isn’t great getting physio done her memory is good.
Anonymous Client
Hi Grace, the repeat CT brain scan today, showed significant improvements with the two small bleeds. Thanks very very much to you both.
Jacqui Ward
Thank you Mathew and Grace for all the healing for Martin who is now 2 1/2 he has Cortical Vision Impairment due to a bleed in the brain at birth, but is on an amazing journey of healing since he was baby with Mathew and Grace, The first few weeks of Martins life were hard from the bleed in the he...

ad his muscle tone was quiet lymp and we were told by the medics he might not sit up or even walk but today he has beaten all the odds, From Martins latest head scan the doctors are happy his ventricles in his brain has reduced and they were quiet happy with his progress for such a young age ???? thank you Matthew and Grace for all the healing and the positivity for us as Parents ???????? He understands everything we say, reaches out to grab certain toys, has loads of words, is pulling himself up and walks around, even headed up 2 steps of the stairs and carefully navigated back down himself safely… the confidence and his ability is amazing ???? thank you Mathew and Grace for the amazing work you do ????????

Baby Martin
Hey Grace, you must have read my mind. I was just thinking of you guys. I noticed I was seeing better and to the eye doctor on Tuesday, had some testing done and my lower visual field has regained a good amount of vision. I was waiting for the pictures from the doctor so I could show you the differe...

nce. I’m doing good. Hope you and Matthew are doing well.

Amanda USA
Hello again. Xxx was a new woman today fully awake for a few hours, looking all around her room & following the nurses when they came in. He played music for her & chatted away telling her jokes & he got a few belly laughs. Two nurses were in & saw her. He took his mask off to kiss her on the lips ...

& he asked her for a smile & she tried hard & made small smiles to him & he said she was opening her mouth as if she was trying to talk to him. She was really alert he said it was like someone flicked a switch & she came around. He stayed for a few hours & she was sleeping when he left. Please God she will make more strides soon.

Anonymous Client
My mum took a stroke 4 weeks ago it was major a left-brain stroke affecting her right side. She had her 2nd Vaccine on the Friday and on Monday took a stroke while sitting in her chair. It affected her very bad and she declined further in hospital the next day with a suspected second stroke or episo...

de. She was critical, nonverbal and no feeling in right arm. I contacted Matthew and Grace to work with her they have been working with her for the past 4 weeks and she has gone from critical and me waiting on a phone call during the night for a couple of weeks to now she is stable, communicating and her witty sense of humour is there An amazing turnaround in her situation Matthew and Grace continue to work with her as she moves from hospital into Rehab.

Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Grace, I would highly recommend Matthew &Grace to anyone who needs any healing, i want to thank you both for the bottom of my heart, for the wonderful work Matthew did for my Dad, who got a stroke, Dad couldn't walk, or do anything for himself, after sessions with Matthew, Dad can n...

ow walk , dress himself, wash, shave have his meals without any help , every day I can see improvements in Dad, Also 2 year before Dad's stroke, he had a bleed on his pituitary gland he lost his eyesight Matthew & Grace came to Beaumont hospital after a session with Matthew, Dad could see a bird it was just unbelievable that evening I will never forget it, Dad walked in on his own, Matthew is a gifted man god bless you Matthew & Grace we are for ever great full.

Anonymous Client
More good news on xxx today. She was awake and sitting out in the chair for well over an hour today with her eyes open all the time. She was drowsy in the afternoon & had a sleep & she was very alert for the rest of the day.
Anonymous Client
Hi Matthew & Gracie, just wanted to thank you both so much for helping my mum in the early stages of her stroke. On each video call I asked Matthew to help mum in a specific area, the first was get mum's swallow back, the next back & joint pain, the next mobility and after each healing session I cou...

ld see improvements. Mum is back eating solid meals, her pain has dramatically improved and finally her mobility in her arms we have seen great improvements, from having zero movement in her left arm 2 weeks ago she is able now to lift it up to her head. I have no doubt that Matthew has contributed to mum's progress and please God she will make a good recovery. Thank you so much for your healing, Matthew, and Gracie.

Brian Ireland
Baby was born with a severe brain bleed at 37 weeks he spent 8 weeks in hospital, we started seeing Mathew and Grace when he was 7 months old, he wasn't tracking his eyes and had been diagnosed with CVI (Cortical Vision Impairment). He is now 22 months and is rolling and moving around the place, lea...

rning to stand, has words Dada mama etc and we try a new word every week. He knows what we are saying .. clap hands, peekaboo does all the actions and knows where his toes, elbow, knees ears are and last week I held a red teddy away from him and he reached out and grabbed it which is amazing thank you sooo much Mathew and Grace for the miracles we see in our little boy every day

Gracie & Matthew, I just got great news xxx is breathing on her own, her trachy is fine. The nurse said she is a new girl. Thank God. OMG we ae so grateful to you both for working for her too. Out Of This World Describes This Young Ladies Progress From A Ruptured Aneurysm & Subarachnoid Haemorrhage....

We are so moved & we are blessed that we were told about Matthew. Thank you, Gracie, and thank you Matthew.

Anonymous Client
Matthew and Grace, I have some very good news. My hubby is off the ventilator since yesterday morning and coming around a little bit yesterday and even more today. Can move a bit in bed etc and even said a few words… so im so happy and grateful for your healing and prayers… Please God, may it co...

ntinue to get back to perfect health.

Anonymous Client
Matthew has been instrumental in changing my life. I first met him around 10yrs ago after a severe stroke which left my right-hand side affected. I couldn't walk/ use my arm and I found it difficult to get the words out for a simple sentence. I first seen him when I was approx 1 year post stroke and...

I had been advised by a consultant that I was never going to walk again, move my arm, speak or have a job. He was very wrong. I seen Matthew every weekend with my mum for around 2years - I am happy to say I am walking, running, I am a nurse, I can write, I have a child and I can speak fluently. I had a Skype last week with Matthew and Gracie as I would like some finishing touches with my hand - literally the day after my finger began to raise and shake. I am so very grateful to Matthew and his amazing work; I hope to continue my appointments to make my hand perfect! Thank you

Tory Musgrave