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General Healing

Would recommend Matthew Lennon, he is such a lovely man and his healing is so wonderful, he always texts you back and his video calls are like he was beside you in a room, Gracie is lovely as well. God Bless you always.
Carmel Gallagher
I would like to recommend Matthew for a healing treatment. I had an online appointment today and I found it so calming and relaxing. The communication by WhatsApp was so easy and crystal clear. It felt like Matthew was sitting in the same room as me. I have been feeling so good, calm and relaxed sin...

ce I spoke with Matthew.

Yvonne Kearney
Hi, I took my three children to see Matthew and Grace on a few occasions. My daughter had been unwell for a few years but thanks to Matthew and Grace she is now in great health and in college full time. My son got Lyme disease and was sick for almost four years, he has made a full recovery following...

the healing sessions with ye. Matthew is currently treating my other son and he has made remarkable improvements.  All I can say is thank you both so very very much, I will be forever grateful.

I was dragged to a healer (Matthew Lennon) with a myriad of issues & he asked me what I drank – I was addicted to Lucozade, loved it, had no intention of giving it up. He put his hands on my shoulders and head and I have never even tasted Lucozade since and I don’t miss it.
Anonymous Client
Just about to finish up my work with Mathew. The difference I feel just over the last few weeks has been amazing. After trying countless ways to heal who knew it could be done holistically? And he has really positive energy. Could not recommend him enough!
Megan Harris
Matthew, let God keep you safe, people like you, should live forever, we need you. You are really giving us a second, happy life ... I experienced it personally???????? Thank you for healing.
Józef Polska
Thank you, Matthew, I received a treatment, and feel a lot better. It was a lovely experience, I would recommend, for me it was an emotional healing. Again thank you.
Nora Shanahan
I highly recommend Matthew and Grace, I have had two excellent experiences with Matthew helping me and also have seen him work with lots of people and the results are unbelievable.
Anonymous Client
Hi, Matthew and Grace, I had a WhatsApp video call with Matthew on Monday evening, and so glad and so so appreciate you both, I was waiting on  hearing back from the doctor, I rang the  doctor today, asking was my blood results back, they said yes, but we will get the nurse or doctor to get on to ...

you, with results of blood and blood pressure, so I waited patiently, thinking of you both, praying and hoping all would be ok, at about 6:00, this evening shaking answering the phone to the doctor, for him to tell me all your bloods are fine and your blood pressure, I have had cholesterol high since 201 5, and maybe vitamin D or iron low, at times, down through the years, but even the doctor said, your cholesterol has never been this low and I don't need medication, he said if I'm back again some time, to get my blood pressure checked or check it at home, but it's fine, while he was talking I was thinking of you both, I really want to thank you both, so so much, Matthew you do amazing work, this is twice you have helped me, I cried with my daughters after, it was such a relief and so happy, A massive thank you to you both and Matthew, God bless you and your amazing work, Thank you, Thank you,

Anonymous Client
I definitely feel much better after his divine gift of healing, I would highly recommend him to my friends and other people.
Anonymous Clients
Must highly recommend Matthew found him brilliant and helped me very much with a few problems.
Mary Ralph
A brilliant man, you can actually feel the sensations in the air from him, I’ve seen him help so many people. This is actually so so helpful, I would recommend him to anyone that really believes, just give it a try people, I know he will help. Well done to both of you.
Deco Cunningham
Matthew has helped numerous times for myself and others in my family .The results have been amazing , it doesn’t always take one session , so stick with him and you will be happy you have ????Matthew is always so kind and full of knowledge. Grace is amazing and such a kind hearted person, and make...

s sure to check in to see how you are after healings . I am forever grateful and would highly recommend, thanks so much ????❤️

Colette Gorman
I enjoyed Matthew Lennon free healing session on fb last Saturday night. Definitely, felt much more relaxed after his treatment. Thank u so much. You are a very gifted man
Mary Dowling
Hi, I hope all is good, just wanted to let you know from my video call with Matthew a few months ago and participating in live healing sessions, my blood levels have improved significantly I was told by the doctor, I was in contact with Matthew between the 2nd and 3rd time gett...

ing them done and believe Matthew had a part to play in this. Thank you for your healing.

Anonymous Client
I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone. I was recommended Matthew through a friend and can't endorse him enough. you are gifted so please keep up the great work you are doing, thank you.
Eve Mason Curley
I’ve been following Matthew for a while. I had a few problems and went to my doctor. He treated me but it didn’t work. Got in touch with Matthew and had a few healings from him and had great results. All symptoms gone. Matthew has a wonderful gift, and I am so grateful. Thank you.
Angela Crotty
I have asked for Matthew’s help many, many times for both myself and other family members. The results have been incredible every single time, especially with one of my family members. Matthew went above and beyond helping and was always very kind. Grace is just a pleasure to deal with too. Foreve...

r grateful and would highly recommend.

Claire Norris
Thank you for your free healing last night, I feel so good today and last night, I felt so calm, warm, relaxed, did feel some stinging sensations in my body, feel better today than I have done in months, felt in tune with you and the Lord, thank you x
Anonymous Client
Hi Grace & Matthew, thank you so much for the live healing last night, feeling so much better today.
Anonymous Client
Friends of mine have gotten fantastic results. I would highly recommend Matthew Lennon
Roy Coughlan
I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone in need. He and Grace work tirelessly to help people and they are always very kind, friendly and accommodating.
Aoife Ni Chonaill
Very powerful man????would defiantly recommend him.
Joseph Lawrence
Matthew is a wonderful man cured a family member after long suffering and doctors said he would have to live with it God bless you an Gracie.
Kitty Duignan
Took part in the healing on Saturday evening, the most relaxing hour I've had in ages. I also have almost no pain in my shoulder. I felt pain and tingling during the healing. May God bless you all.
Deirdre Furey
I gave been following Matthew here now for some time i find his work quiet incredible and I sat in one live session with him the other day completely tuned in to him and concentrated on my symptoms that have made me quiet uncomfortable for some time since my session with Matthew if feel great relief...

I will be tuning in to next live and hope to have meeting with him soon he is amazing at his work and healing I highly recommend Matthew.

Majella Power
Hi Matthew & Grace, I joined your live healing session with my little 4-year-old, who had conjunctivitis and thrush two weeks prior to session and was still really run down and worn out, the following morning she woke up a different lady. I put it down to you. Thank you! I also felt great myself...

as I have done after attending you before lock down.

Anonymous Client
I have only found out about him and just had online session with him and very happy.
Ellen Nolan
I took part in the healing session last night with my grandchildren and thoroughly enjoyed. It was so relaxing even the children relaxed into it. it was very easy to follow and Matthew himself was easy to listen too and you felt the benefits just in the relation along. Please God may our prayers wil...

l be answered. Thank you again Matthew and hopefully later I will get to have a healing session in person. I am very glad my daughter recommended last night healing session as her partner goes for healing a few times a year and gets great help with pain. Take care and stay safe Matthew. Kind Regards

Dorothy Rowan
Highly recommend Mathew he has done great work for a family friend, who was given no hope xx
Joan McVeigh
Matthew did a session with my Aunt recently and since then she is bright and healthy up every day, in great form lots of interest in all that is happening around her. When we called Matthew, she was very ill and within hours she started to turn a corner. I must also say he has come to my own assista...

nce he gave me my life back. I had suffered for years and nobody could tell me what it was doctor after doctor and it failed all of them to discover what was going on until Matthew identified what was happening. I have to say a huge thank you to him for helping me through my operation and swift recovery. I could not have done it without you Matthew. I wish you could chat to my Aunt and see how well she is enjoying every minute of the day

Kathryn O Donoghue
Highly recommend Matthew. He is an amazing healer. I have seen so many Consultants over the years and basically been a guinea pig on constant medication with no real solutions. My first session with Matthew and my pelvis pain improved. I have noticed a big improvement both with my pain and my genera...

l well-being. Thank you so much Matthew and Grace you have an amazing gift.

Caroline Smyth
Thank you, Matthew, your healing powers worked wonders on my seriously ill father. Thank you so much.
Trisha McDonnell
Thank you, Matthew & Grace, I am 100% since our Video Call Appointment. Feedback for you both since my healing, don’t need meds, ever so grateful, like a new woman. No headaches, great appetite, sleeping great, mood fantastic, feeling great & happy. I’m like a new woman. Much gratitude t...

o amazing Grace & miracle Matthew. Thank you so so much. God bless.

Matthew has a true gift & healing powers.. He has helped so many, young & old. God bless him & his work always???? Highly recommend Matthew for anyone suffering..
Bridie Scanlon
Xxx  text you to tell you how sick I was for a good few days to the point I was vomiting and I really could not open my eyes with the pain in my head and( I really thought I was going to die that is how bad I was, no joke it really frightened me) but within an hour I got really warm n burned up and...

then broke out in a sweat and then I could open my eyes and sat up in bed and for first time in days I had tea and toast I'm texting to say a big massive thank you for helping me xx

Thanks for last night Matthew...and I am sure Gracie wasn’t far away. Very powerful that was. I got great relief....my shoulder is pain-free no pins and needles in my hands this morning. My verruca’s are getting better since I seen you first.... l feels very lucky to have you guys thank you. ...

My clients who have learning disabilities got great relaxing out of it....and we are keeping it up today with prayers asking for healing cause they all have pains of some kind. Thanks again chat soon God bless ye.

Anonymous Client
I would recommend Matthew. in person or even on WhatsApp videocall. he will take the pain away. We are lucky to have him...I rather go to him than to any doctor i have verrucas...over 30 years every possible treatment Operation etc all was done. nothing worked....My whole body went sore cause I n...

ever used my feet right.....now after third session I have no pain anymore. Thanks Matthew & Grace

Linda Zimmermanns
Matthew has great healing powers, it is a great gift from God.
Mary Dunning Dolan
Recommended Mathew as his healing has worked great for me, when I needed it most xx
Bernie Dixon
Amazing man with the gift of healing.
Joyce Young
Thank you, Matthew, for great help today see u again soon xx
Myles Cleary
Would highly recommend Matthew Grace, God bless his healing hands, he is a lovely kind helpful man, thank God for his Devine healing, I am so grateful for his help over years  and he is helping so many sick people.
Marie Crowley
I would highly recommend ‘Matthew and Grace, two lovely caring people, and a very pleasant man, meet them both on open day.
Evelyn Webster
I’ve seen first-hand what this man can do. There’s no pomp or circumstance attached. You must come with an open mind. Truly a gentleman and Gracie a lady. Takes a lot of courage and strength to listen day in day out to people’s problems and to try to help them.
Alan Moran
I highly recommend availing of the healing power that Mathew can give to anyone in need of it. The relief from any ailment can be seen first had at his physical events as I'm sure happen from his online events. I myself have found this to be true as I have experienced great relief from the pain I ha...

ve from arthritis. Thank you, Mathew, for your patience and understanding.

Carmel Kelly
Hi Grace & Matthew, just wanted to say thank you both for all the great work ye do. Matthew has helped me with a number of health issues and a chronic pain condition on a number of occasions since 2018. Both Matthew & Grace gave me hope at a time when I desperately needed it, which I grea...

tly value and appreciate. They're unique in that they never turn anyone away, never say that they're full or can't fit you in. It's very reassuring knowing that ye are there if I need ye. And so convenient and considerate that ye do all the traveling so that unwell people don't have to. We're very lucky that ye have chosen to do this special work in Ireland, because I know that Matthew does distance healing all over the world. The work ye do is so important and requires so much of your time, energy, dedication and patience. I really appreciate all of the time and healing Matthew has given me.

Anonymous Client
A wonderful man with such kindness and compassion. Truly felt uplifted and supported. My first time seeing Matthew and Grace and my next appointment already booked. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart ❣
Lally McMillen
Gifted man very patient and treats everyone down to the last visitor today the exact same .A visit is a must to see the excellent work that Matthew does.
June Hayes
Great experience with Matthew, he’s amazing God bless him, would definitely recommend him.
Isaac Davie
Very genuine and good to talk to has magic hands very reassuring for my pains and gives out good vibes.
James Kennedy
Having experienced a trauma 7 weeks ago which resulted in a near death experience I hadn't been able to sleep without wakening choking and struggling for breath. This was leaving me exhausted and depressed. I attended Matthew Lennon in Navan on Sunday and for the first time in weeks i got a night's ...

sleep and can honestly say that I feel a lot better. My thanks to himself and Grace. I definitely witnessed a lot of healing on the day and spoke with others who Matthew has helped with this gift of healing he has. If you're struggling with something in your life, I would definitely recommend attending Matthew's clinic and see for yourself.

Nuala O Sullivan
I would recommend Matthew he’s brilliant I had him out with me and another man which he’s helped us big time he’s very good.
Heather Helson Lunny
l was at a healing yesterday at Racket Hall... it was great and l felt it relaxed me and l slept great.  saw a lot of people with different ailments getting help.   l will be returning when l can to Matthew when l can as he is a real healer, the atmosphere was one of peace and the music and l eve...

n sang .   l’d highly recommend Matthew... thanks ... !????

Donna Mulcahy
I have witnessed some amazing healings at Matthew Lennon's clinic.
Frances Kelly
Just wish you were back nearer Belfast again Matthew. Great for emotional and physical healing. You also cured bleeding at the back of Philips eyes.
Jackie Strange
I would highly recommend Matthew getting great relief for my ailments. Very polite and understanding can't wait for my next appointment definitely would recommend.
Elizabeth Duggan
Yes, I would highly recommend Matthew Lennon Healer, to anyone who wants a healer.
Grainne Cuggy
A gentleman and he does have a gift.
Martina O Loughlin
A very gifted and caring person.
Carmel Behan
Woke up Tuesday night feeling unwell heaviness in chest and shortness of breath temperature 37.9 tummy pain aches and pains and generally feeling unwell and nauseous, and very fatigue didn’t me criteria to be tested for covid 19 as I didn’t have 2 of 3 of the main symptoms and also no other unde...

rlying conditions (seemed like I wasn’t sick enough)but was told to self-isolate with 3 kids for 14 days as my partner is working away... the 3 kids had coughs.. Thursday felt so unwell couldn’t get the energy to get out of bed at all seen as previous post on Matthew's page and I made contact as I would have done anything just to feel better to be able to look after the kids... I had no underlying conditions (seemed like I wasn’t sick enough) but was told to self-isolate with 3 kids for 14 days as my partner is working away... the 3 kids had coughs... Thursday felt so unwell couldn’t get the energy to get out of bed at all seen as previous post on Matthew’s page and I made contact as I would have done anything just to feel better to be able to look after the kids... (I had previously attended Matthew 6 years ago for hypermobility issue with my daughter) Matthew offered to do some healing on myself and the kids through a what's app video call I could feel relief while he was working.. today much improved myself no coughing from kids and my oldest classes herself as feeling ... "elegant" since treatment... amazing work as always

Anonymous Client
Our family visited Matthew recently and we are absolutely thrilled with Matthews amazing gift of healing. Our daughter had experienced horrific trauma in her life, and it had very badly affected her and has had a huge, horrible effect on her life. We are pleased to say that Matthew has brought a hug...

e sense of calm and strength back into her life and she has started to regain some strength back in her legs. We will be returning to Matthew in the coming weeks to help her to get back on her feet fully and please god walk again and regain her life and enjoyment of life xx

Aisling Kelly Cashman
Thè man is gifted with his hands.
Steve Ryan
The healer of all times, get in touch with Matthew.
Homayoon Shirzad
Miracle worker, he has helped so many people.
Helen Carey
I just think Matthew is very special with his healing. Matthew has cured so many people. Lovely to hear all those good story’s. Lovely man. God Bless Him.
Dympna Harty
Have to say he is a great man.
Marian Matthews
He is great person god bless him in his great work he does.
Siobhan Powell
Amazing man with an incredible gift. People should be so grateful you give up life with your family to help others.
Amy Byrne
I believe it’s great what relief MATTIE can give people in pain, I know a few people he has gave a new lease of life, God Bless him.
Myles Maguire


This is our second session with Matthew. He is a great man. I highly recommend him. My mam who has lost a big % of her eyesight was able to see time on a clock from afar for first time after 6 years. She is also able read things on tv from a distance that prior to sessions she could only see if her...

face was very close to the tv. Her eyes also feel fresher. We cannot thank Matthew and Gracie enough. We look forward to her next session. Thank you so so much.

Sil Renaudo Kelly
Good morning, Matthew, quick update on Dad and his eyesight. Definitely an improvement again, a lot brighter, no direct vision as such but the outline of things are clearer. He has noticed that difference since Friday. Thank you.
I was introduced to Matthew and Gracie by my sister who had been receiving healing from Matthew. I was diagnosed with Glaucoma a few years ago and live in New Delhi, India. My 1st healing was fantastic as Matthew detected a tummy issue which I have and didn’t think it important enough to mention. ...

He healed my eyes and tummy and that night I felt a huge shift in my internal system. Since then, I have had a couple of more healings and have faith I’ll be cured. Thank you, Matthew and Gracie.

Monisha Kalra


I couldn't wear my shoes or walk with dreadful Uric acid symptoms i.e. gout. I attended Matthew and with his help my feet are perfect now even my doctors words were “I never thought l id see your feet back to normal again” he even he was so surprised by my return to normal walking without limpin...

g. I saw Matthew working in several venues. Seeing is believing the amount of people he cured at every healing session. Thank you, Matthew God bless your healing hands.

Jean Cleary

Guillain Barr

Hi Matthew, my 3rd day update. I am much better. Walking without the stick. Hopefully as I recover from Covid I will recover fully.

Gum & Teeth

Teeth are improving well! I notice my gums feeling different the other day and were a pale pink in colour when I looked – a lot less red and inflamed looking than they have been. The front ones seem to have improved a lot. The back ones have the most recession and inflammation so they’re slower ...

to get back to normal.



If you are suffering from Chronic Diseases try Matthew Lennon Healer. He can help with that. He helped me with stomach problems. I would highly recommend him for any disease or infection, you won’t regret it. He helps people worldwide. I am in Botswana (Africa).
Boitumelo Sitemaster Brown
Many thanks for the healing session last Friday for my candida. Gut feels a lot calmer and a lot less gassy. Felt like sleeping a lot over the weekend, probably a good sign my body was trying to repair.
Anonymous Client
It's been several months now since I received healing from Matthew Lennon and can happily report that the results have been brilliant to say the least. I never thought that I would be free from gastritis reflux and heartburn but that has been my experience. Matthew Lennon is a very ordinary man with...

an extraordinary gift of healing. long may he continue to use this precious gift for the good of all who need it.

Eamonn Mc Philomey